Sliver of Consecrated Iron?

Has Forgemaster Ezra been removed from the game? and can anyone confirm that Sliver of Consecrated Iron drops from Ancients/Startstone? We’ve farmed so long and there’s nothing

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Have never seen a single piece on my server of any of the consecrated iron stuff drop.
Sliver/shard need to be added to faction vendor like chunk is

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yeah ive seen pictures of them and people saying they get them but ive never seen any images of people picking them up. have you notived that the npc i asked about it not there anymore?

Here is Ezra hard at work this morning. Still in the game.

what the hell well then i have a new post to make bc he doesnt exist on my server

Where are you looking?

just to the left of the poi icon

He doesn’t live at the temple anymore. he got transferred to Mirador Forge. Notice the POI in my screenshot. SW of WW

Has he been confirmed to have dropped the Sliver of Consecrated Iron though? I still cannot find one. and We just had somebody get one on our server. first one.

I’ve never even seen the damn thing! I’ve done Starstone a few times, farmed ancient mobs, and killed Ezra, I’ve been killing it for a while on full luck set, and no drops.

That sliver must be a Dev oversight. It’s far too rare and drop doesn’t make sense. Apparently, also, it seems a lot of named mobs supposedly drop it. But again, I’ve never even heard of this thing dropping.

We had a high/max pop server and I checked for it regularly. Not a single listing. If it would be possible to drop the price of it would be extreme.

Erza the Forgemaster has been confirmed to have been moved to Mirador Forge, very bottom left of Windsward. We farmed him for 3 hours today and never got a drop of the sliver. There are people on my server who have the sliver and have linked it in chat. But thinking its from old drops and since moved this PVE character doesnt drop it anymore

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**Farmed Erza the Forgemaster in Mirador Forge today 12/14 from 9:15am - 10:30am **
He spawns every 2mins I ran this with 44.6 luck

Out of 50 tries (me personally) and 4 others in the same group none of us were able to get the sliver to drop.

This is my table of loot.

3 - mana potion
6 - softprayer beads
7 - strong health potion
10 - softprayer beads
11 - 306 ancient hatchet
16 - draught of withered essence
17 - 309 Ancient fire staff
18 - strong health potion
19 - 315 ancient war hammer
21 - strong health potion
26 - 304 helment
27 - 308 longsword
28 - mana potion
29 - mana potion
31 - iron battle medal
32 - vial of azoth
33 - 302 musket
37 - bone totem
39 - 307 hatchet
41 - health potion
42 - regen potion
44 - health potion
45 - regen potion
46 - 313 hatchet
47 - bone totem
48 - health potion

AGS, can you please advise when you moved this character that you didnt break the loot table for it. Because something is off, and crafters like me that need this to roll. Please advise thank you

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I’ve been wondering where he moved to. Now to have our group farm him for a couple of hours. Will report back.

let me know im curious

I’ll try to kill him for about 4 hours to see if he drops the item and I’ll upload the result tomorrow

Pls check the luck requirements in order for it to drop before starting a thread about it

Don’t know about them but Corrupted can drop it.

Bump. Any confirmed drops?