Slow leveling down some

I am probably in the minority but I think the game levels characters too fast. I see no problem with gaining exps from killing things. You could even double the exps for PvP to encourage players to try out PvP but giving character leveling experience for chopping tree’s and crafting food is just to much.

Separate the experience totals from each other please. When crafting all exps go to leveling crafting, when harvesting all exps go to leveling harvesting and when killing things all exps go towards leveling your character.

You re-designed some beautiful new areas and put in some really good missions but because everything you do in game gives exps towards leveling your character you out level all the hard work you guys just did in hours. If you start to craft you literally out level what you can craft within a couple of hours and by a large margin.

Am I wrong to want to slow the leveling down a bit? I know end game is pretty much PvP and many people would prefer to get to it as quickly as possible so double the exps for killing things while PvP flagged and let the others who wish to take the scenic route to end game level a bit more slowly so we can enjoy challenges all through the leveling process.

Hi @Mynno Thanks so much for the feedback. I have passed it along to the team.