Slows affecting dodge distance needs to be readjusted

Slows affecting dodges needs to be readjusted. When people adapt to this upcoming slow meta, Light armor will be as good as useless.

Getting slowed as Light armor feels absolutley terrible on PTR. Its nearly the same feeling as being caught in a Ice Shower. Im in favor of making slows more impactfull, but not like this.

The main reason you go light is for damage and mobility. In medium and heavy you use your dodge for the i-frame because you arent really getting anywhere faster with dodges. But as Light you dodge very many times because you need the distance. Which is now being heavily nerfed with slows affecting dodge distance.

The upcoming buffs to Net shot will make it absolute GOD TIER in 1v1 and arenas vs Light armor users, a 8sec slow on a very short CD with reduced stam regen and decent damage will be a death sentence stronger than Ice Shower.

There is a problem with some light builds being uncatchableand they all use 150dex with a rapier. Light armor is not the biggest issue here, its 150dex perk being too powerfull and rapier still being incredible strong for running away.

I dont see how my light build will survive with these upcoming changes without having to use rapier as secondary, and at that point I might aswell go medium or heavy and actually be more usefull with 2 weapons. Which is also nearly impossible to do due to the economy in this game being totally screwed and rerolling to heavy costs 300k+ gold for just 2perk items.

My solution would be to remove the whole slows affecting dodge distance aspect, but instead make slows actually noticable aka stronger. 30% slow for 2seconds that some abilties have feels as good as useless, make it stronger and longer instead of having them affect dodges. Or readjust how much slows affect the dodge distance, something has to be done atleast.


The distance reduction seems to be way too extreme. A 50% slow reduces your dodge distance in a way where you might aswell be rooted. I agree with the direction overall, but the dodge distance should never be reduced by that much, it feels awful.


Nah. First of all you have to hit it, it can be Iframed, and it won’t root, stun, or otherwise stop you from defending yourself.

You can dodge in every root now. I would argue getting hit by Netshot will be a worse ability than Ice shower, especially for light armor users.

I woud much rather be rooted for a couple of seconds than being slowed by this for 8 seconds.

And hitting Netshot is probably the easiet skillshot in the game, the hitbox is huge

It’s big at like max distance. Definitely not the easiest skill shot in the game cough grav well

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Haha okay I forgot grav well!

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Maybe people will fight now instead of running away :slight_smile:

I look at Ice shower as area denial… Sort of like what grave well should be

Net shot being single target is more focused and let’s you not give up too much positional disadvantages that other 50% slows have. Ice shower is close range, leaping strikes (intheback) forces you into melee, grave well doesn’t stick to the target and still does ok damage.

I’m excited to see see how these changes shake things up

I have a hard time imagining you being light armor or have tested being hit by netshot on PTR.

Light armor has more mobility, one would be very bad if one didnt use that to stay alive. The whole fighting instead of running away in light armor argument is stupid. The whole playstyle in light armor is doing hits while avoiding as many hits as possible, you cant trade any other way. If you remove that possiblity then why would anyone be light armor?

I agree with your points, but with it now being possible to i-frame inside roots, slows feels basicly the same as roots as a light armor. Slows are even worse as you have the long duratation ones like Netshot or the slow from backstab leaping strike and you are as good as rooted for 8 seconds.

Im also intrested in seeing how the upcoming patch will change things, but I think its way too many changes regarding dodging, stamina and slows thats being made at once, which all affects light armor the most and its not gonna feel very good as a light user.

Its impossible to balance this game properly and with arena releasing they will have even more stuff to consider. The meta and whats strong is so different regarding wars, opr, duels and arenas. Light can be very good in small scale, but in larger scale you cant have many light armor users and have point controll at the same time. And now it looks like light is being nerfed because of much OPR feedback, which is not really good feedback from a competive standpoint. Light players than runs away may have fun in OPR, but they are not capping any points or winning the game for anyone.

If it wasnt impossible to reroll in this game without spending lots of gold then I wouldn’t be as bothered, but if my whole build is killed then I have no way to continue playing. Im a light bruiser, but if every slow is gonna make my dodge as good as useless, then being light is completely useless. It literally costs 300k+ to go heavy with 2perks on my server and I have 30k with no motvation to farm or buy gold. I play for the pvp and thats it

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