Small ask for any updates posted in forums from devs!

Any posts from Devs/Community managers etc in the future, A small ask from myself and probably some other people in the community, Could you please include a Time-zone for any “no patch today” posts, per last night’s post (It was 2am for myself, like 9pm EST, but 4pm in places like New Zealand) It just stated “there will be no update tonight!” but given there was no time-zone included or even a date included in parenthesis, There is no way to tell if you guys meant that there was no update on Tuesday night (expected anyway) or no patch on Wednesday night (Slight bummer honestly, but I get it, progress takes time).

TL;DR, Some of us can’t tell what days you are referring to when some “update posts” are put out without a date or time reference included. Not a big deal, just something that would stop a lot of people complaining in the future when an update isn’t pushed out every week i think <3

Wasn’t an event promoted to go live yesterday… Something about winter

Winter Convergence event for Xmas, not sure if it was meant for yesterday, either way I usually just expect larger updates on Wednesday as i heard most of the beta updates were done on Wednesday nights anyway.

Still looking forward to the event giving us something new to grind anyways :slight_smile:

New to grind… I still have not maxed any Crafting… No voidbent… No 600 water mark… No Legos…

Can’t wait to not finish the grind on all the new stuff too

lmao i feel you man, my crafts aren’t even half maxed at this point, i got burnt out on the game for a bit due to being on a pretty dead server (26 players online at the moment), so i couldnt even just farm elites for days to get 600gs watermarks, on top of the gear not dropping over 591 for the longest time.

Gonna go power level my fishing to 100 to finish off that quest, Would rather do that than run 2600+ luck on Orichalcum veins for 4 hours and get like 5 Cinnabar and 3 Tolvium due to my terrible luck lmao

I have never even seen one… it’s hard for me to believe there was/is so much voidbent after reading post like yours. I feel the dupes have had lingering effects.

I just got the harvesting ones though made my first 10 cd can’t even remember what this shit is called

Yeah the grid is real… Damn your water mark is high grats

Nah half of my Gear watermarks are sitting around 560 average on armor and i think 550 on Weapons, thats after around 30 elite area runs covering most zones… we sometimes ignored Myrk due to how hard it was when they bugged it out

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