Small change to pvp modes

So anyone who does play arena knows 3v3 premades are kinda dead. Only solo/duo does work. Another issue is 5man premades completly destroying opr games.

Can we balance this? My suggestion is put some daily time window lets say 20-22 or anything at evening:

Arena: by default runs only solo/duo but for this 2 hours does swap to 3v3 full premade only
OPR: other way around. For this 2 hours does swap let say max 3 ppl premade team.

So solo/duo players can always play 1 of this 2 modes. And same with full pramdes - allow them to compete vs each other. And we can achive this with out spliting player base into more variants of pvp modes.

Eh not against the concept of this idea. I think it would be easier to just wait till cross server is implemented and have seperate Group/solo ques for OPR and 3s.

I think right now you just don’t have the players on any given server to implement this and not have long ques. But given the option with cross server I can imagine that these people would be healthy

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