Small gripe ward+resilient

Why are pve ward perks and resilient able to roll together? So much crafted and dropped gear would actually be viable in pve or pvp if they didn’t roll together. It’s such a feel bad because there is no reason to have one with the other. It’s almost as useless as the revamped indestructible perk.

Why does resilience gear drop in PVE dungeons?


Because otherwise there’s no reliable way to get good resilient gear pieces, especially not BoP pieces? Or are you really going to craft 80+ 600gs items in the hope you get a resilient + 2 relevant perks, let alone BiS?

It’d be fine for Resilient not to drop from Pve if the PvP tracks were any good, except…they aren’t. You get one 600 pvp relevant piece out of 15+ picks and it’s not even guaranteed you’re going to get a piece that is actually relevant to your current build.

If you were to remove it now, you’d only have chest runs as a reliable source of non BoP pvp gear. Prices for BiS items are already inflated to ridicolous levels, people demanding goldcap for a single BiS piece is not uncommon. Imagine what would happen if there were even fewer viable sources.

So instead PVE players get screwed and have to do the same as Wards.

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No? Pve players aren’t getting screwed any more than pvp players.

The system is equally bad for both and needs change.

This is not true. Look at the perk buckets and chance for a ward vs resilient. Resilient is higher chance than all the wards combine. It should be the same as a single ward and as stated should be exclusive with wards.

Why not? Otherwise everyone would obtain perfect 3 perk gear in days.

No need to farm anything if that was the case…

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