Small QoL Improvements we'd like to see

Nothing too radical or requiring re-design, just some simple stuff that would make life more pleasant for players:

  1. Turn off the highlighting on all lore that have already been accessed once and have no other new pages.
  2. Add a menu option for every item that is tradeable “Trading Post” and have a filter in the TP Sell section for TP marked items only
  3. Add an option to delete quest objects in your inventory
  4. Change the options to terminate the Music tip timer so that it can be done immediately instead of having to hold it down and wait … also same change to terminating Music mode. Takes too long to apply a buff to yourself out in the field where there’s no incoming tips.
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Item set manager for different builds and gear loadouts.

Set up a set of gear and attribute selections that you can save and 1 click to change into.


Yeah, I’m with you 1000% on loadouts, and the devs did say they’re coming, but that’s a pretty big development task, I’m trying to keep a list of simple change suggestions.

Can’t wait for those loadouts, that will be a game changer.

Armor/Weapon Loadouts

Remake of Storage Sheds

Searchable inventory for perks, stats names


Instanced gatherable resources


All trophies placeable in houses.


I agree that it’s a big task, but the honest question is…How was this not a feature from the start? If only there were some other well-made MMOs that the devs could have played and used for inspiration. Oh Wait, nvm.

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is there any STANDART QOL stuff in this game? like…at all? , the basic of basics?!


THESE 3 are STANDART bare minimums in any mmo thsi day…ANY…and AMAZON cant get it?lol

Ability to ditch factions and still keep doing all other non faction related quests

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Based on the design of this game, I think instanced servers (like BDO or ESO) would not have worked well, I prefer the local communities of servers for that kind of thing. It brings tough problems to solve, and it’s arguable whether AGS will be able to solve all of them, but I think that’s a topic way outside the scope of this humble thread regarding easy-to-implement Quality of Life improvements.

I’d like to see a way to make quest objectives not have the quest marker if I’m not actively tracking it. Its a beautiful game and I like a very simplistic UI, but seeing various markers though floors and walls is annoying.

I’m sure lots of people love this but I only want the option (by not pinning my quest) to have these objects so blatant in the environment. If the quest is pinned then, yes I do want to make it more visible.

That would be my QoL change. I love the look of this game and hate UI clutter.

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You might be surprised to hear that adding a loadout system to an RPG is a lot easier than you think. I built an RPG over 10 years and it took me just one day to code in loadouts, and a few days of testing with a few other people to verify that they worked.

It might take a long time due to it not being a high priority task, but it’s not a difficult design or programming job.

Maybe in the RPG that you wrote, but I think it would be a pretty significant task for this game. A lot of design decisions would have to be made, and every design decision has implications for the rest of the game. Among the issues you’d have to address:

a) Where will the loadout pieces be drawn from, town storage? Inventory only? Virtual space?
b) How many sets can a player manage? Multiply this by the number of players who will use it and that’s how much new data the database will have to manage and how many more database hits have to be tracked in real time;
c) Do Attributes, weapons and skills track with each loadout? Or is the user required to use the same Attributes, weapons and skills with all his loadouts? Guess which approach users will want?
d) Where is the UI for this system? In the character screen? Does the Attribute page change too? Does the Weapon Mastery page change too?

And that’s just off the top of my head thinking about it in real time here. I don’t know how many users your RPG had or how complex it was, or how competent you are as a programmer relative to the general level of competence on the AGS team, but anyone who’s dealt with software development knows there is a WIDE variability in competence across teams.

It may be less complicated than I’m imagining, especially if they opt for the most simple version, but it’s undoubtedly more complex than any of the things I had in mind when starting this thread about easy-to-implement QoL improvements. And somehow I don’t think it’s “a lot easier” than I think. In this context “Difficulty” isn’t just “hard problems to figure out”, it’s also the amount of design work, coding, artwork changes, and time involved. Any way I look at this, I see it as a “big development task”.

Here is my list:
1.- We need wardrove management to swap from one class to another in few clicks and not need to search in 20 cities where is your clothes and if you want to tet something you spend more time reassigning stats, attributes, looking for gear than enjoying playing.

2.- Chest timer is too long. It takes a lot of time just to gather a simple green item which you will insta delete.

If they implement this both things players will be more happy.

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