Smaller scale PvP mode w/ leaderboard (1v1, 3v3, 5v5)

The PvP mechanics in New World is the main reason I play the game & is the best aspect in my opinion. However I feel like the creators don’t understand the strong suits of their own game. New World offers an amazing PvP system without PvP. Wars are first of all too large scale to feel the mechanics of the game, and second are slideshows most of the time. The only open world PvP you’ll find is PvP Quests, and for such an amazing PvP system, PvP Quests are a very lackluster way of highlighting it. We won’t even talk about Outpost Rush since it isn’t even in the game.

There are a lot of problems with the game currently but this is an idea I haven’t seen posted & reposted much. It feels like New World has such an amazing foundation for PvP & there are so many ideas that could be done, but there’s just no attention given to it. All this gear grinding & leveling just to spam left click in laggy wars.

This has been promoted since the first beta in 1000s of varieties! At this point, it is likely, that there are technical barriers preventing this. If we don’t find it in the roadmap, that hopefully we won’t have to wait for to long, it will only happen in NewWorld2!

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