Smallest population and less territory factions should get benefits

Just give the smallest faction a 25% tax cut in every territory, and if that faction owns a territory it has diminishing returns to 45%.

2nd smallest could get a 10% tax cut throughout and 35% on an owned territory.

The elite group with the highest population would have normal taxes everywhere while the small people can spend less and make more to balance elitists and under dogs.

If you are not apart of a company with 50+ you are null and void and do not get benefits so the bots cannot abuse this.

Faction lock mid tier and make it so you can’t switch to highest population faction so the biggest faction can only switch to the lowest pop faction.

If the elitists just constantly flipped factions they’d have to retake the high income territories via attack so if they want to stay ontop they must attack their own territory or not cheese the system.


This could create a cycle throughout weeks if it’s abused, but at least main territories wouldn’t be one color for months. 2 weeks out of every 6 weeks it could be your color while the elitists do their thing.

Again, if it is abused. If it is not abused, the underdog factions can close the gap via less taxes and more income. The high tier company already makes 2/3mil a week. Do you really think the underdog having a 30% tax cut overall would close the 2/3mil gap that windsward makes? If you add everfall it only deepens.

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First im older/old. I know some factions are way too powerful and understand the frustration to an extent but I do not agree with second place and beyond trophies. Talladega Nights said it best. If your not first, your last. No need for bonuses to the losing side. Just win more, more coin doesnt mean better skill.

Agreed but for now umbral shards will make up for lack of skill until everyone else catches up. At 200k for trophy mats, that’ll be awhile. We have some 595-600 GS rollers in our company so I can roll gear whenever as well but even after that it’s still expensive as hell to roll the gear.

What do you mean older/old? That almost feels like a flex of wisdom before your statement. Lmao.

That means newer generations expect second place and beyond trophies. I don’t want to get into that beyond this. Its a game we play not a class

How old are you?

The inspiration of the post is because multiple friends quitting due to one color servers that die. I like this game and want to keep playing it. Economy and balance of power is very important if I want to keep playing this game. It’s not for MY benefit, it’s for the health of the game.

I mainly PvP. Although lately only OPR and thats slowing until the desync stuff is fixed. Im a marauder on Camelot. I understand feeling underpowered as until recently it was a giant purple haze. Other factions just need to work together. Get some leaders talking. 2v1 if need be.

In DAoC if 1 faction dominated the others had to work together some. Thats why 3 faction works great. Within the last 5 years, DAoC added a bonus for underpopulated realms. It didnt help

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Maybe they waited too long, I’m not sure. Never played that game. Is gold as important as it is in new world? Gold is crucial in new world unless you gather mats for 6 months contesting braindead bots.

Just completely remove all player influence from Settlements. That solves a lot of issues, closes a lot of exploits, and they can basically randomize territory weekly to make no faction the “minority”.
Problem solved. A lot of other problems solved too.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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DAoC best PvP for Centuries

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At that point this game would be about PvE and the skill grind. There would be no incentive to get BiS gear. Even if they released PvP arena’s that would be the only incentive. There’s the RuneScape grind for skills, the Diablo 3 grind with mutators instead of rifts and the OPR isn’t as fun as WoW battlegrounds. The only unique thing they have is the territories and owning a town. I don’t think anybody would play if there was no big reward. It could work, but this game was not created for that.

There would be absolutely nothing to do besides mind numbing grinds that aren’t very fun. Only fun thing is winning a war and reaping the rewards of owning a town.

Yes there is. That’s the whole point of Mutators and 10 levels of dungeon difficulty.

This is exactly what PvP is. What else is Outpost Rush over and over again? Except maybe finding the latest cheat/exploit and going out to seal club legit PvPers. I guess that never gets old and that’s why there are so many cheaters and exploiters in PvP.

Partnered streamer is able to re-create speed bug while pvp looping for an unfair advantage - Bug Reports / Bug Reports - New World Forums

I was meaning BiS PvP gear… Now it’ll be Bane and resilience against enemy type stacked plus a perk for mutators.

What would be the point of BiS PvP gear as in enchanted, keen, vicious, slash damage, etc if all you’re gonna do is run OPR? With no arena in sight, wars would be pointless, it would be people running OPR in mutator gear or luck gear. 90% of the current perks would be null and void.

Winning a war doesn’t exactly mean better skill either in this game.

If you are older/old as you profess, then your memory is failing. Just like the olympics, there has always been a first, second, third and even more place. But if you really want to go into Talladega Nights . . . What did Ricky Bobby’s dad say about that line? Yeah . . . go there :slight_smile:

I really have no skin in the game because I care about .001% about PVP. PVP brings out the worst in people imo. However, as a non-biased observer, in this game, where RNG plays a significant role, the ability to out bankroll your opponent is huge.

Let’s look at some simple math. I need 50 players to have BIS armor/weapons for the war so that I can protect my territory. I have 2 million coming in per week. What can I do? I can fund the creation of all the gear, with the best perks. I can fund all the powerful honing stones. I can fund all the best food. What is the hit? Not much. Now, if I am a non town owning faction, where do I get that cash to make that gear? That already puts me at a disadvantage if I am attacking. The fact that Amazon says that they want town owners to win about 80% of the time.

If you want skill to be in play, then the only way to do that is to have equal gear.

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