Smelter set is not in game. Why ?!

Smelter set is not in game. Why ? !

It is. Why do you think it isn’t?

oh so show me a screenshot for at least 1 item

yup, never seen a piece not even at trading post

The set is in the database but don’t think anyone knows where they drop.
Look for Smelter’s Smock on new world database and you’ll see it.

That’s because smelting is just a refinement skill. Not a craft skill. All craft skills have sets. Refinements don’t need sets. What do you expect? To be able to craft iron ore and get asmodeum out of it?

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dumbass. never heard of yield?

Many professional sets have yield % instead of plus points.

They have a tanner set and a weaver set

Weaver’s set
Tanner’s set
Woodworker’s set.

All of the above give Cloth/Leather/Wood Accumulation passive which you can translate as “yeld”.
Asmodeum is the most used one and it is the hardest/most costy to craft. No idea why the drop is somehow blocked or not implemented for the most important of the cooldown items.
Bug? nooooo this game has no bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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20 days since this post was posted, hope devs fix this issue soon, ores and fluxes are quite expensive to buy

Cuz AGS h8s you?


Ya I search every day and our server has never had one listed. We have plenty of stone cutting, cooking, tanning, weaving pieces but no smelting… I’m sad about it. Imagine the 10% bonus on voidbent ingots. I already have the base 20% but I want more!

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