Smelting Gear Incoming!

Nice, a 100th gear set to swap in and out of. This shit is ridiculous.


Ridiculous, I agree, but you have to admit that a smelting set was needed.

what is needed is something resembling inventory management.


I agree, wholeheartedly, but also want that smelting gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

should just put trophy of some kind that gives accumulation to all crafting…add slot for trophy if you must. too much set piece LOL


Not a bad idea. I normally keep my gear allocated across my 3 houses… and I just search the set name and quick equip this way when I’m crafting mats. I try and focus on specific materials in a day-to-day basis, to help the mix-up.

I’ve been saving my apt crates but im sure the old ones will not have a chance to drop gear. Similar to when they changed the berry bags, they were different and did not even stack with the old ones.

It’s very possible BUT I’m going to go ahead and save them just in case lol.

They should gave us the ability either to combine all those gears into one… Or have sets to be able to swap from one to other easily.

Or they could even give us slots on the tables where we can store it easily…

That just gave me an idea. Why not have multiple slots on gear? So, you could equip five chest pieces, but can only have one active at a time?

This would still cause a lot of issues with swapping, but might help the storage aspect…

I had posted a while back about an idea for a wardrobe system for your house to quick equip gear sets. I’m sure it’s a lot easier said than done though lol.

Or let us rename things internally, so we can search them:
Focus Pants/Helmet/Etc
Mining Gear
Smelting Gear

I’m excited to see everyone in their dad bods once they put in the smelting chest

I agree. The system they’ve designed is grossly over cumbersome. I wish they’d use a little bit of critical thought to come up with a logical way to apply crafting bonuses as opposed to us having to lug around and store 50 different gear sets. It would be awesome to see them thinking of ways to make the game less torturous and more fun.

Barbie Online.
Just what we need. More gear sets. Cheaper by the dozen.

I like the gear sets. You seen the tier 5 engineer set? it’s dope asf. Yeah it takes up inventory space, but the crafting sets might actually be some of the best looking armor in the entire game

i just filed a bug report on that engineer glove V.
It was a visual laugh for me, made me say aloud
“Making bullets is dangerous profession, cyborg arm here we are.”


I kinda hope it’s supposed to look like a prosthetic arm…like an engineer would be capable of making.

Honestly, I have stopped using my tanner and weaver gear sets…it’s just a pain to swap out to craft for 5 seconds. I still use my chef’s/armorer/arcane sets as they are provide real bonuses.

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