Sneaking in pvp

its not hard to spot prone pvp players, even if they have camo colors, due to the player interact ‘H’ being able to be seen by flagged players of another faction.

I have flushed out people trying to sneak up multiple times due to this, even when i couldn’t see the player themselves.

A good way to fix this might be that you can interact with flagged players of a different faction while outside of a safe zone.

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ngl you should be able to crouch and not see name tags. its already slower and provides no utility in almost anything in this game

its not even used for pve mechanics (prone crawling has like 2 places its used)

stealth should be important in openworld.

this also doubles down on opr and war colors too. kinda sick of coloring my guy only to have it become an ugly shade of blue.

not to mention beast hunter fur still looks like a pinata and doesnt dye properly in opr ether.


its fricking ugly and im upset.


Doesn’t the Nvidia Profiler make sneaking pointless anyway?

I want fog of war to where visibility is thinner, vision towers are needed to be captured(owpvp)(opr)(war) and spotters burst into life.

Hi there henryhuebner722, you’ve got some cool suggestions here, I will get it sent up to the dev team so they can have a look. Take care!

It would be amazing if they remove the interaction with other players while prone in PVP and allow us to dye armors to be better camouflaged once they add in daggers

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