Snowballing effect leads to little sense of accomplishment for pve

I do both PVP and PVE. I PvE for gear then take it to PvP, i find that an enjoyable way to play mmos.

Our current server post merge is all purple. They have a dedicated army of absolutely max geared players due to them holding territories before the merge for so long.

This game has a terrible snowballing effect. These companies that hold territories don’t even need to play the game to make progress. These companies log off, sleep, then wake up the next day and have thousands of gold per company member added to their treasury. They’re doing the bare minimum to upgrade the towns crafting stations as to pocket as much as they can. They can just take use money to stay ahead of the game indefinitely.

Players that do pve have to spend hours a day grinding for gear and crafting in order to have chances at something good.

So while the elite purple companies are napping. The rest of the players are trying to catch up while shoveling all our taxes right into the pockets of purple on our server.

They fought for the lands and earned it, but rising up against these guys; is like guys with spears and clubs fighting against the german army in ww2.

It just leads to anyone who does hundreds of hours in pve feeling like they have accomplished nothing or their accomplishments are invalid by players in these companies.

I’m almost 200 in all trade skills and it just feels as if ive gotten no where on this game. Does anyone else feel this way?


Well yeah, this is definitely a problem. And as the AGS said, they want the defending teams to have an easier way to win while defending, that makes those companies even more powerful in fort fights.

In my eyes they should remove the downgrade of the building when the settlement is taken by another company and make it easier for attackers to win wars, this way more companies will have access to those money and it will create income for more companies not only for the ones that took it and kept it for months now having millions in their banks already. Also players from other factions can enjoy the benefits of having a territory for a while.

Also this will create more incentive for companies to attack settlements creating a more lively action. In the server I am most of the companies stopped attacking because there was no chance of winning.


I would suggest lowering overall taxes while decreasing the cost of upgrades proportionately. But i believe the fort upgrades should cost a little extra after the reduction.

This way companies are more inclined to buy upgrades for crafting and if they decide to pocket the money, they won’t have the ridiculous income as they do now.

Fort upgrades should be costly in order to better balance the attacker/ defender roles.

This also takes a little bit of the weight away from pve players.

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For a group of like minded players and take the towns back

the system is designed so that defenders have a large advantage, you need to be objectively better geared, and play substantially better than the defenders to win.

Both yellow and green factions are forming against them this is post merge. Its not a numbers issue they have a massive advantage. But thats not the whole point of the post.

PvE has no value as long as you can basically skip it by amassing ridiculous quantities of gold from owning towns. There’s no point to pve in this game for gear.

Yeah hence the snowballing effect. How do you compete with a fully dedicated army that owned a server for weeks straight, that you merged into. Their wealth is insane, they are literally armed to the teeth with any gear they want. And if meta shifts it has no effect on them.

There needs to be a comeback mechanic and the taxes need to be reduced along with purchases for upgrades.

These players don’t realize they are ruining their own game.

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personally id put the caveat of making it easier for the faction with the least amount of territory. or total % of territory.

basically an underdog system. that way conflict should stay in flux.

edit also from a previous discussion, segregate tax funds into that specific towns coffers only and give the company a smaller % as a tip. to prevent hyper wealth and maxed out company gear.

in that way people that take over a zone they feel isnt using their money “right” will have funds to actually do stuff right away.

The game clearly favors holding territory for a longer period of time to collect the gold income rewards. Defenders are definitely at a disadvantage as well. IMO the core problem is the matches are limited to the same number of people on each side. That isn’t how warfare works. DAOC was far better realm v. realm warfare. Attacks on territories should not be limited to a certain number of players. OPR, yes. But not territories. An open frontier warfare like DAOC or EVE would be amazing.

Elites? Best geared? Breh, how hard do you think it is to gear in this game and how much do you think this matters? My faction literally went from holding 1 zone, couldn’t win a war to now we hold almost the whole map.

Hellllllll no. Down with zug zug zergs

Perks. Perks in this game are huge and re rolling a ton for the perks you want is quite expensive and time consuming.

Yes most of it all comes down to skill. But if their team outputs 20% more damage per player, take 20% less per player while having all the great utilities on everyone including nullifying oblivion spam. And 15% more healing output. All while having 600 gs on everything. Yes thats an advantage

no, because with 3 piece VB + 2 pieces for perk towards my build, I still lay stuff out. No it’s not 20% not even close. Wars are decided by survivability, and builds. Most perks wont even be noticeable in wars, exception is those that provide aoe rend.

Good job man im proud of you

Money earned from running a territory shouldn’t go into a city specific treasury that travels with ownership. The controlling company should essentially only be in control of how a territory is upgraded. If you want to provide a stipend that’s fine but it should be paid in an equal amount to members of the company not stockpiled in a company treasury which only a handful can abuse.

Great ideas as well, but as of now the rich will get richer…well basically real world…

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I don’t pvp but I do notice that most cities have their taxes at maximum and the town boards are often empty. I’ve considered dumping my one house but I’m guessing my next house won’t be at half price. Yes, I play a couple hours a day and I’m not 60 and I don’t do much in the way of trade skills. I just enjoy the farming and combat (and trying builds). A house is a big help but it bothers me I’m just adding to those who already are rich and bored.

And this thread died like many others

The easiest “fix” is to make the game soloable from start to finish without having to rely on anyone else. At the core of the game is the “survival game” aspect – you can gather and craft everything you need.
Then the only barrier is low-pop servers where there isn’t enough coin to maintain Settlements with properly upgraded facilities. Which is why actually completely separating player influence from Settlements has many benefits. Including that low-pop servers and server merges are a non-issue.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Lots of other issues and exploits would also be immediately handled. Such as Companies selling all that tax coin in RMT: Proof of a Company selling gold - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

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