SnS Hatchet, Great Jobs devs

SnS Hatchet has no counter and should be gone.
Thank you for your time

being at range is the counter, or blocking the leap strike then dodging their shield bash. aside from that it’s still cheesy imo.


run more than 200 con. congradulations you have countered it.


Thanks, ill now do zero damage and still die to guys who run SnS in pairs.

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If rapier is not nerfed then the SNS builds have to stay. The only counter to rapier spam is SNS cheese builds. Those guys run 50 con anyway. If they miss just kill them, and if you yourself are low con its high risk high reward keep your head on a swivel.


You cannot expect the game to be balanced against pairs this way in a 2v1 scenario.

if you are referring to the inability to get away from them, that’s tough.

You’re right, ill still die to a single guy doing 3x4k in 0.5 seconds

You say it has no counter, but it has plenty. It is one of the few builds that can stand up to the current bowrush. And it works very, very well against other slippery glass cannons. It absolutely does have counters, it just so happens to be a great meta counter.

Problem is everybody and their uncle is in light right now running 5 con .-.

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Honestly, the only thing I think it really needs is a wind up on the starting animation of leaping strike to where the guy simply bends his knees down a bit before leaping. Combos exists and should remain.


Why should a large health pool be the only counter, health should be useful if you make mistakes (in 1v1 scenarios strictly ofc).

I agree that the leap could use a good audio/visual wind up. <3

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Health is not the only counter, but running very low con puts you at risk for a plethora of dangers, other than bush wookies. Anything with sns is dangerous to someone running low con and light. It’s just that this just so happens to be the ONLY counter to rapier. If you broke it, rapier would return to uncontested runaway stick.


even if you add a windup OP will still complain because the bushwookies are hitting him while he is not paying attention/looking around. If he was looking around while mindless pumping sol he wouldn’t die to bush wookies but nope thats too hard.


This. 100%.

We are in an environment where some mix of Bow, Spear, Fire/Ice + Rapier are so strong defensively that the only real way to counter them is to run it yourself or to create super non-interactive CC chains involving SNS + Hatchet, Spear, WH.

That said, Bow/Rapier players can also just git gud and kill these glass cannons before they close in on you.


I disagree, I play SS and WH and I just laugh when someone with a hatchet comes at me, super easy to counter.

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All the things wrong with this game, this is not one of them.


Lists of effective Schizo Mitigators:

  • Wearing armor.
  • Freedom perks.
  • Having more than 50 con.
  • Not tunneling while Dex Freaking.
  • Death Defy
  • Dodging Leaping Strike
  • Berzerk
  • 300 STR attacks (grit)
  • Block

SnS/WH is actually NASTIER than hatchet. Hatchets the popular one, WH the secret popper.

Or just 150.

150 is not enough if they land their full combo.