SNS still NEEDS Grit

Tanks are still forced to go 300 strength if they want to obtain grit in PVE and PVP. This is absurd since tanks should be going at least 300 con for survival and utility.

This has been complained about and suggested since beta and we have not heard any feedback on the matter. Tanks get pushed around in PVE like ragdolls yet we are supposed to be the stalwart immovable object. In war, good luck getting your swings off with all the gaxe/hammers freely swinging around.


  1. Give 300 con grit, this opens up more tank builds (such as Voidblade / rapier / Spear)


  1. Give heavy attacks grit just like you do for Gaxe / Hammer in the talent trees. This could easily be added to Opportunist, Precision or Empowered stab talents in the Swordmaster tree

Why would i sacrifice damage by going 300 con lol

Yes, speed run m10 metas have clothadins pumping high dmg with full ward gear, but the typical tank runs higher con for survival / durability. Especially in a PVP scenario if you are playing a point tank in war and providing high utility, you are going higher con. The point of a 300 con + heavy build is to extend your CC duration for your bruisers kill windows.

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which is near pointless since any damage will break the had CCs and who care if a slow last 4 or 4.6sec

i have 200 with food lol not more needed atm

I vote no

Grit shuts down too many weapons in PvP and trivializes PvE by left click spamming. Having grit on every attack is not the way to go

Remove 300 grit from STR please


heavy buff + con buff + crippling ring

It’s a larger gap than that, especially with crippling getting a boost next patch.

Having it on a heavy attack is not every attack, it gives players the choice to flip on grit or not by deciding to light or heavy.

sadly damage is worth way more atm. I was one of the unkillable Tanks at the beginning. I could tank 10 and not dying. Id love to do that again.

10 people attacking you is 10 people not attacking your team. It’s just a different perspective and way of thinking. It’s also forcing clumps on you for your team to capitalize on. With sacred ground being so strong, tanking on point feels good. You can be an absolute pain in the ass and set up a lot of kill windows for your team. Also…running plagued + trenchant rend on your sword to spam stab anyone on point is big.

Your suggestion says 300 con should have grit. No thanks

4 of the 6 abilities on SnS already have grit

Use those attacks when tanking a monster that’s using a stagger attack.

Why does every SnS heavy attack need grit? What’s the problem?

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Because all that does is allow your abilities to land instead of being interrupted. SNS heavies need grit or 300+ con so you can actually…you know…tank outside of your shield block without being pushed around? Have you played a tank?

This. Grit is too OP and negates pretty much everything just because they monkey swing.

Yes, I play SnS main. You do get pushed around sometimes but just reposition. A lot of the time if I make a mistake, I’ll get pushed around. Other times I’ll tank a fight flawlessly in one spot

I don’t want the game to become, spam heavy attacks in one spot for 2 minutes per engagement because you cannot be moved. Positioning is important. If your not dodging attacks as a tank you’re doing it wrong. Balance trading stamina cost of blocking, vs dodging vs face tanking

that is only if the bosses themselfes wont move as much.

yes but if your team pulls murder dps you cant just keep blocking and doding you have to do damage and haveing 300 str is a must for the grid

300 strength, bonus (GRIT), replace with something else and add (GRIT) when wearing heavy armor?

just put grit into one of the upgrades of Defiant Stance.

They could just add permanent grit to 300 con and call it a day. Sure you could still be stunned, but this would just end the issue right here. Click button - receive grit.

STR users have grit WHILE ATTACKING, i’m merely suggesting the 300 con investment result in “Stalwart” or something like that. Always on grit. <3

Rapier and Void Blade are damage split weapons. Can’t help but feel their damage and thus ability to generate threat would be shit if they were running 300 CON.

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