So A GA Just Dropped

Around the level 20 range, thought I had figured out solo PvE with my 1h Sword and Shield+Life Staff … Decided to put on a Great Axe and wow … Mobs die in the first x3 light attacks … I have a Hammer in the bag that I’m yet to test …

Think Great Axe and Heavy armor is the way to go … Life Staff just makes life much easier …

Lol why did you think a tank and healing weapon would do a lot of damage?

If you wanna do even more damage, 20% to be exact, use light armor. Or medium 10%. Heavy armor is for tanking.

If you wanna wreck stuff in pve use the hatchet. Pop berserker, get extra damage, run speed, unstoppable (no annoying staggers), healing and cleave damage. No need to dodge or parry, just melt stuff while you get healed.

All weapons works great though.

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