So a lot of people claim they were screwed from the rollback

An alarming number of people.

I would imagine that in the 1hour and 15 minutes of uptime we had yesterday not that much progress was made.

But no. It is the end of the world again.

Excellent community


Lol, I’m laughing because the “geniuses” screwed up by running to buy everything in the TP…knowing damn well all that gold was because of a bug.


All the threads of people that bought 3 houses and now they are homeless are pretty funny also.

I would recommend


However, we have yet to see something this amateur from a developer before. At least i’m speaking for myself.

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I think they are inexperienced and time pressured.
I feel them.
They will get better at it as time goes by.

I think it is an excellent though probably unintended punishment for exploiting. They are not banning people, only their stuff is gone for the time because of housing bugs and TP being slowly restored.
Though I fell sorry for the few people who got affected by those bugs without abusing the extra coins.

Just time pressured. Majority of game developers are given unrealistic timelines, which is why most of them put in ungodly hours to meet said timelines.

I got nothing but a guildee got 104k, but she owned 2 large houses. I dont own a house. When she told me I didnt think it was suspicious at all. Generous yes but not suspicious and I dont think they informed the playerbase on how much they should expect (maybe Im wrong). If it was 300k then yup definitely. Another guildee got 42k, again owned a house.

I dont think all saw this as an obvious mistake and capitalised on it.

TP says my items are sold but I do not recieve the money. If this whole problem caused by some coma stuff, this shows geniune lack of love to the game by developers.

How much can anyone be affected in 1.25 hours?

The only people that ought to complain are those stuck on character loading screens.

Everyone else is just a bunch of crying babies

104k for house taxes compensation during the last three weeks didn’t seem suspicious to you?

Have you spent 104k in house taxes??? Had your friend spent that money? You didn’t know it was a compensation for house rents?

Give me a break. This borders on delusion. I’ll tell you what happens:

People are in denial. Period

What about those who received extremely rare items? Trophy items? Legendary drops from Lazarus, or perhaps even the coveted [Schematic: Orichalcum-Braced Storage Chest]?

Of course, i’m not saying the rollback is a bad outcome as it was inevitable, but some people will still be feeling really screwed over right now.

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I lost 4 hours of tedious resource collection!!!

These people are unlucky. What us it supposed to be done about them? Let them have the 300k??

Did I say that? But do you not agree, they will feel screwed over by the rollback?

Again, the rollback was inevitable, but people will still be annoyed if they received a great item in that small time frame.

я больше не хочу собирать ресурсы. и не стал сегодня играть!

Why they buy house? Only for fast travel? They cannot put even one storage box or trophy, lol

Edit: Better to buy azoth vial for 75 gold each if for fast travel imo.

Yep but still they shouldn’t cry:p

Plus you can take a look at the forums. Most people cry because they lost their new houses lol

Roll backs in SWG were wild. I lost so much investigation exp. (Hardest thing to grind in the game)

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