So, about healers


I and some friends have been discussing healing in the new world at moment and we feel that healers are in a weird spot rn. For instance, we all know about the PTR changes in armor weight, casting times, and healing bonus. However, in the live version of the game, I think it’s very frustrating to close in a healer just to see him dodge you away, heal itself AND his party as you were an annoying bug,

As I see it, a healer should be able to support his team but if a DPS closes in, it should be a danger to him, not just an annoyance. So maybe the self-healing is too strong compared to a DPS damage? Like it would seem more balanced if the healer, focused on healing himself and dodging the DPS could stay alive, but not healing the rest of the party almost normally

Ofc you may say that you can chain CC the healer forever with some combinations (e.g. spear), but I think in an ideal scenario we would have a balance among the 3 roles (DPS, Tank and Healer),

What do you guys think about it?


I think we need to wait and see how the stam changes impact healers. DEX mobility will be back in action, and I can see spear and/or bow and/or blunderbuss hit squads potentially wrecking healers. Part of why spear isn’t super dangerous to healers is because of how invincible rapier+light armor makes people atm, but once unlimited rolling is taken care of, combined with the slow buff, and I think healers are going to be in for a world of hurt and that’s going to change how healers operate significantly.

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I am healing for my company if no other healer is available.

Healing is terrible and unrewarding already and making it worse will accomplish nothing.
If healing is unbalanced, just remove healers instead of making them unfun to play while keeping the requirement to have one.

And you can kill a healer as dps in 1vs1. There are very few that are able to survive forever against a dps.


Sorry to hear that you have this experience as a healer,

However, almost every good healer that I know is almost unkillable in 1v1 and sometimes even 1v3. It should be the role of the team to protect their healers,

Now, “just remove healers altogether” is hardly a constructive argument and more of a tantrum imo

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Lol spoken from someone who has never played the class. We don’t do damage, we try to avoid taking damage and keep our group up. We need the self heal cause we are forced to wear light armor.

I genuinely don’t understand a majority of this player base complaining about healers, is it just cause you all don’t group with one? Don’t worry y’all, after the group healing dies with this patch good luck finding any of us to hear PvP or PvE. The stam changes are going to absolutely murder healers. Most of you have no idea what it’s like to get targeted by so many different players, try to avoid them; while getting casts onto your group.

Now I have to wait 1 sec on the cast don’t you worry you’ll surely kill me as it’s interruptible. You can all be happy, cause I know I’m done once I try to heal my group in a war after this patch. Not to mention they aren’t touching BB, literally have 5 of those every war, no opportunity to counter play, I just die, but ya let’s talk about healers being OP


The current healing design is an abomination that contradicts every foundation this game was built on. Even the original Life Staff designs were far superior and created much more engaging gameplay than the current ignorant heal-bot stick.

The current Life Staff design is a slap in the face of any sort of skill-based gameplay.


Especially if we are talking about pure numbers you’re right. The healers who put up biggest numbers in war rn are all aoe, purely brainless click and move healers.


Strangely enough instead of working on the AOE heals that generate those high numbers, they’re nerfing the single target heal into the dirt. Its almost like they don’t play healer.

I decided months ago to stop healing when they blindly fiddled with the values back in November, and I watched a bunch of the healers in my company leave the game and not come back right about that time. Nobody liked being forced into light armor to be a viable pvp healer back then, and very few people seem to like the idea now.

If the people making changes to the archetype obviously don’t play it or understand how it should be used in various modes, you can expect the exact same result every time they “adjust something” about one of the 3 main styles of play.

A bunch of people will just walk away to go find something fun to do, if you take what was barely fun before and make it fully into a thankless chore.

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Yup it’s really painful. They made this change because the were scared that skilled healers would dominate 3v3 with LE. Sad they don’t realize all the impact it does elsewhere.

Lowers the skill gap and this coupled with stam changes is just awful


I think the Life Staff as a whole is poorly designed at the moment.

I’m sure it feels comfortable to people who came from other RPGs, but it’s a huge step down IMO from what it was in Alpha; A support tool.

Right now you just cycle through whatever flavor of heals you prefer to use your group and self locking mechanics to completely undo everything your opponents have done with a click of the button. It’s not exciting to use and it’s not fun to play against. By all metrics it’s just bad game design. It may make sense in the context of other games where players are guaranteed to take damage but it has no place in an action combat game where players have full autonomy over how much damage they take most of the time.

The old Life Staff had a far more engaging design. Like most cases about this game, it’s a shame what direction they’ve taken it.

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Developers removed INT + FOC scaling on gems, to appease DPS players who were upset that healers could win a 1v1 with half of a DPS kit and a healing stick. No more Life Staff + Hammer / Great Axe / you name it.

The removal of marginal damage from off-hand means there is no way to checkmate players in a straight out engagement. Hence why all healer builds call for utility off hands (i.e. Ice Gauntlet + Rapier.)

Focus is dead stat line, which is why people go “Oh, only if that 3 perker didn’t have Focus.”

Any gear that isn’t straight up FOC, or split stat FOC + CON is a dead item.

Honestly some of the old abilities would be so much fun to run with a group of 5. Could imagine in medium in the thick of it with them. Oh well, now I’m required to stay out of sight so I don’t get ganked

Exactly, people complain and they nerf healing, over and over. These are the same people that when I put on my mage set I kill instantly.


I think you’re missing the bigger message that I’m delivering.

Reverting gems won’t change the fact it’s still just a stupid binary design with almost no interaction or counterplay.

The weapon would have to have a way to win fights outside of just pumping healing into a person.

1.30x crit multiplier to make vicious even worth picking up, damage abilities, mobility or CC.

Other games have support weapons that deal meaningful damage, but not top tier damage.

Example: Hunting Horn from Monster Hunter series

I play a healer, because I play healer/support in a lot of other games, especially WoW. I enjoy the class a lot. But the problem is this. I think LE is indeed OP. The nerf from 30% bonus heals per buff to 15% bonus heals per buff was a good move and one I support. Wholeheartedly. But adding a 1 second cast time is not a smart or even wise move. It makes the class VERY clunk to play. I am more shocked as to why Divine Embrace has a long cast time and cooldown and IT’S IN THE FREAKIN HEALING TREE! LOL! That just boggles my mind. There’s even a perk to make it cost 20 less mana, which I’m still scratching my head on.

I have played with a full Healing Tree spec back in Beta (while experimenting), and played with the current meta as well. I’ve recently specced into DE instead of LE (mainly in preparation for the 1 second cast time), and given the 15% nerf to LE’s per buff bonus heals, I think DE is going to be the skill to go with, since LE and DE will virtually be the same in terms of output, but LE will beat DE in terms of cooldown, unless you’re running refreshing divine embrace that only kicks in once someone is below 50% health (which is usually a death sentence by the time you get there). Running with DE, the game feels clunky like all get out as a healer.

If anything, AGS should just remove the 1 second cast time for LE, and keep the -15% nerf to the bonus heals, or, remove the 1 second cast time from DE and keep the cooldown for it. I think that will be something better than what is being pitched to us from AGS currently.

I’ve watched the developer play as a healer with Asmongold, Shroud, Danneh, and the other guy (forgive me, I don’t remember his name), and I remember the devs doing a Myrkgard run as well. Whoever the healer was, holy moly. He’d be someone who would be asked to go chop a tree down or do something else versus being a healer. It was painful to watch. If he’s one of the folks behind these nerfs, I think someone else, a proper healer, should be the tester before such nerfs are discussed.

IMO, TLDR, keep the -15% nerf to bonus heals in LE, and leave the rest alone, or remove the 1 second cast time to DE and make it an instant cast since it is in the HEALING tree.


Ya the healing nerf for LE is fine, there should be no cast time on either DE or LE, but it’s all cause they wanted DPS to shine in 3v3 and not come here to complain that they couldn’t win if a healer was on the other time.

Cast times are trash, and will feel even worse in wars. I’ll give one go of group healing, told the boys I’d try for them, with DE, but if it feels how I think it will feel im just gonna quit. Been on the fence for a few months now, this is what will send me over

You’re still missing the message. You’re talking about small modifications to an other wise ignorant weapon design. Things like crit modifiers and perks. I’m pointing out how stupid the weapon’s functional design is and how it used to be much better.

I even linked a video referencing exactly what I’m talking about WITHIN the context of New World.

Stop. Read. Understand. Then reply.

@Halcyon there’s not a healer that doesn’t agree with what you wrote, but there are a lot of us familiar with AGS and how content gets pushed without proper testing and more bugs being introduced. They try to shove a 16 oz steak in their mouth instead of cutting it up first, then wonder why they are choking and heading over to ER.

If anything, we’re advocating smaller changes first, and go for smaller victories until we reach the point where healing is good and we can focus on making the Lifestaff a better utility tool than what it is now.


So tired of this BS being spewed. First of all, killing a healer 1 vs 1 SHOULD be hard. THEY CAN HEAL!!! Second of all, if 3 of you can’t kill a healer than you suck as players and need to rethink your class. Lastly, they are already talking about nerf’ing heavy healers so hard that I will walk away from the game because I am not about to redo my template that took 100’s of hours to aquire and level up, but now you are already starting to complain about medium/light healers as well because as you put it:

What the hell do you guys want? No healers at all in the game? I’m a 625 GS heavy healer and I can get killed quite easily in OPR’s. Yes, I can survive in a 1 vs 1 by dropping all my heals on myself, but new’s flash geniuses, if I am putting all of my heals on me to stay alive how much healing am I doing for my group? Answer: NONE!!!

People like you are going to nerf classes so much that it kills the game. As I said earlier, if they make the changes they plan on for heavy armor healers then I will leave like the thousands of others that have already left. Yay! You won’t have to worry about healers anymore because the game will be shut down. Congrats!