So Ag wants to ruin Greataxe and Warhammer

Ahh so i was recently informed that all the mages are crying about gravity well WELL IM SORRY ITS THE ONLY GREATAXE Ability that allows us to keep you in one spot for more then 2 seconds And now because of your crying the greataxe is getting nerfed to the point of uselessness While your void guantlet is twice as horrific and overpowered and on top of that reducing warhammer grit aswell WARHAMMERS ARE MENT TO HIT HARD why even have these 2 weapons in the game if ag is planning to ruin the existence of melee dps
because of you crybaby pussy mages

Thx for ruining the game u tards

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Class balance changes do not ruin a weapon. You are getting proper adjustments, and you are salty that you cant cheese easy play anymore and need to try. Get over it.

bruh Mages are already op the void guantlet is gamebreaking
and now they want to make it impossible for melee dps to fight mages

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it isn’t balancing if mage gets to stay op asf and melee dps nerfed to non existence

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It actually did. Gravity well was all greataxe had. As a VG/IG player in heavy I can trade with GA all day and win every fight. They are infact ruining str melee if they release this patch to live without buffing greataxe lunge and reap damage.

The majority of the player base seems to disagree with you, it was not a needed adjustment. Feel free to disagree but this balance change kicked greataxe while it was already down due to being previously over nerfed.

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No one asked for besides a small minority of players. I feel like most of the player base realizes how weak greataxe is currently outside using gravity well for initiations in wars. I wouldn’t blame mages, we just lost our icespike, and firestaff is still weak.

Ok but let me put it this way Gravity well is our only counter measure to mages because its already impossible to keep them in one place if gravity well becomes useless its going to remove any melee dps from wanting to play and basically Great axe will become an unused weapon especially when 70% player base already is mages Meanwhile void gauntlet is already aids
and is way too op

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Score another win for my stagger thread!

AGS keeps proving time and time again that they’re not up to task to create quality combat.

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