So... AGS just hates crafters. And supports bullying

First they nerf our ability to level and increase the amount of exp needed to do so. I approve of the attempt to make it worth our time to craft higher tier gear… but they failed. For one, the materials needed are ridiculous. Then the refining reagents… And then they also give us a nice big finger by giving increases to loot and luck while flagged. Basically, you either flag or you lose a great deal of ability to get rarer drops while harvesting. Now… keep in mind, if you want to be a crafter, you have really one choice. Craft a bunch of garbage that will not amount to anything decent, aka craft and salvage train, and while you are crafting this garbage, all your time has to be devoted to gathering a metric ton of resources and reagents.

Now, lets consider that you do not have the time to go get decent gear, it is virtually impossible to craft decent gear until you are maxed out, and the entire time, if you leave a city, you have the wonderful people that like to jump you while you are wearing gear designed for gathering said resources. Not only that, they will literally stand at the gate, and threaten you if you step outside. They will tell you to unflag so you can farm your resources, then, if you do, they will lead mobs on you so that they can jump the nodes you are gathering.

Thanks AGS. We appreciate your willingness to give us a boot in the rear. Yeah… we thank you. Because eventually, we will just all quit since the only way to get the things we need to do the crafting is to deal with bullies because that is your method of trying to make pvp fun. Giving them a target by making us flag to get our materials at a decent drop rate.

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I guess they should just remove it entirely, and then your luck is…

…exactly what it was before.

They didn’t take anything from you, they gave someone else something. But by adding an incentive, it automatically became an entitlement. You don’t need to flag to do exactly what you were already doing.

Sounds like your server has problems with the actual people being jerks. The one I’m on doesn’t have anything like what you describe.

edited because I used the wrong “you’re” and was hating myself for it

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Oh I know the dudes in the purple faction on my server are wastes of human life. But it is still the case. They took plenty away from us. I would not mind the occassional issue. Dying now and then is not a huge deal. Having them harass you for a half an hour to the point you just have to teleport somewhere else to be able to do anything is.

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