So AGS whats going on really here? 4 diff games

I’m not quite sure how this is all supposed to be played literally and I seem to be a bit conflicted. On the 1 hand, we have a game where streamers used their fan base to control the world and capture cities/settlements.

On the 2nd we have servers that have no streamers and it takes a significant amount of time to actually buy a settlement and you kind of get governors who show up when they want but are not playing around the clock so you have to travel all around the settlements to craft things that have the right tier unlocked.

The 3rd we get a server no one flags for PVP I can wander around and dance in the fields of battle and the few that do flag i can /wave at while we both complete our pvp missions with no hassle. the governors also dont seem to care about the settlement and players progression just the gold the rack in from high tax rates and think they are soooooo cool!

and the 4th. communities that came together are taking things serious but its so hard to get in you could cook a thanks giving turkey serve it take the nap and log in after. these servers seem to have no streamers broadcasting the epicness that happens really or its hard to find and is not being brodcasted on your twitch gaming channels and really showcases the true glory of the game. the settlements all have high-tier workbenches and flagging is a norm.

So my biggest question is what version are we intended to play? what did you guys have in mind when you wanted the game to launch? and What can we expect in the future to get these all to mesh kosherly?

i personally would love to see a Falgged player count on the server list or some kind of system that indicates servers that are more PVP driven than others if you don’t want to make PVP only servers which i feel is the best solution at this point. I know we don’t want to split the player base right but think its kinda a bit too late for that.

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