So Amazon DOES know how to ban people for exploiting?

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So, we are still waiting to hear what is going to be done about the massive exploiting done using the invulnerability bug to take over territories and steal the income generated by those territories.

There was coordinated, deliberate exploitation done. Are those folks getting away with it?


As expected… crickets. The message is clear. Cheat all you want… but do NOT do anything that brings gold into the game… that they will instantly intervene and ban for. Amazon is intentionally keeping the economy depressed so they can monetize gold.

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They should have turned off Wars right away when the lag exploit was found.
They definitely should have turned it off when the invulnerability cheat was found.
They still didn’t turn it off when their 1.03 patch didn’t fix the invulnerability cheat.
They did take action on the gold duplication by turning off transfers but still no sign of any bans having gone out.

We’re well past mere bans. Legitimate players deserve compensation.
I want to see proof that bans happened – counts of accounts banned, lists of account names. Eastern companies like FFXIV, Bless Unleashed – all do something like this regularlyl.

@Luxendra please convey this to the devs: No proof of bans = no bans happened.

Over a week ago there was no point for legitimate players to log in and play the game alongside cheaters, some of whom are trying to destroy whole servers.

I gave NW a Thumbs Down on Steam and I urge everyone to do the same until AGS takes tangible, just action.
Don’t let others buy the game and discover this rampant cheating only after it is too late to get a refund.


Throwing a temper tantrum and down rating a game because things don’t happen instantly is childish, and accomplishes literally nothing. Your time would be better spent making a well thought constructive post on the forums explaining your concerns. Reducing the entire game experience down to just the flaws is not only unfair but silly. There is plenty about the game that’s great and asking people to boycot something until certain things get fixed reeks of cancel culture entitlement.

I want them to address these things as much as anyone, and bans SHOULD happen…but making demands and telling people to jump on the “negative yelp review” bandwagon is not the pathway to reform you think it is.


I’m going to have to disagree. And ‘instantly’ ?? You mean like how they immediately threatened bans when there was risk of gold being injected into the broken economy? Literally no punitive action has been taken against multiple exploits in the game. In fact, I can’t find a single piece of evidence that suggests that Amazon has actually banned anyone for anything. The only bans mentioned anywhere are the temporary 24 bans resulting from folks exploiting the report feature.

At this point, negative reviews are probably the best option. That and refuse to spend any money in their store. If they stop making any money off this train wreck, maybe they will actually do something about the folks exploiting. Or they can have a game full of exploiters. We know how long those last.

It is really too bad. The game is beautiful, and had a lot of promise. But obviously they lack the experience to run a game like this and it is showing.


Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack, your bias has clouded your vision.


But that’s what honest reviews are about.
Is there exploitation and cheating going on? Yes.
Is it stopped or growing? It’s growing.
Is there any useful action? No.

Players need to know this before they no longer qualify for a refund from Steam.

If AGS takes proper action, I am completely willing to change my review.
But it is completely fair to warn people who are thinking about purchasing the game as to the current state of things.

Your entire post is pure speculation. The exploits were fixed and they said the people who abused it were banned. Do you have any proof this isn’t the case?

Source please. Specifically that they said folks were banned.

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Also, it is very easy to see the people who cheated to take over territories still playing.

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Official response post:
Greetings Adventurers,

Since transfers began we have identified a small number of characters who after moving servers are in an invalid data state that prevents their character from properly saving. We’ve corrected the characters in this condition as of this morning.

Some players among this small set transferred gold or items while their character was affected. All of these transactions are logged in our database. We are reviewing them now and any players found deliberately using this condition to gain advantage will be banned for exploiting. We will also remove items or gold received where appropriate.

Going forward, as a precautionary measure, we may prevent login temporarily on characters in this state. If you are one of the rare people who transfers and afterwards cannot log in, the condition should automatically resolve within two hours. If it persists beyond that time please contact customer service.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

How do you know who cheated? you actually have 100% proof of this? or are you just participating in more speculation…

i’ve been stuck unable to play the game for going on 2 days now, should i down vote the game because of this? and for the record I’m stuck dead unable to do anything under the world

Keep up. Have you not paid attention to the 20k views threads? There is video proof of cheating. There are VODs of streamers cheating. Check your bias and have some clue what you are talking about. On my server cheaters took our main developed city. It is documented, reported and well known. Nothing has been done about it.

Cool. So you can quote the actual post I quoted to start the thread. Maybe you can read that post too? This is not about them threatening to ban over gold/gear duping (something that has been threatened, but zero actual bans have been reported anywhere), this is about the massive exploiting done BEFORE the gold duplication. The exploiting that to date has had nothing more of an official response than “it has been reported”

Are you all caught up now? Ready to participate in this conversation? Cool!

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Man, all the software dev’s in here mad that Amazon hasn’t immediately fixed something is hilarious to me.

100 hot fixes and patches in the first 3 weeks. Applied to over 170 servers all in different time zones, mostly with reasonable down time.

I can understand and agree with the frustration. But it’s important that the community find and comment on bug reports with their experience. Not make 700 threads complaining and demanding that something is done over night. Especially if you don’t have the slightest clue in software development and deployment of software upgrades and changes. There’s a lot more people playing than there are software engineers hired to work on these projects. Sometimes the answer isn’t just changing a few number values and walking away.

Amazon isn’t deliberately ignoring these issues. Could they be more transparent? Sure. But they’re doing work. This is still a rather smooth launch considering some shit previous games have gone through.

Be constructive. Deal with the bs a little and work on something else for the time being. Go touch grass, or back to your previous game for a week.

I’m sure they want this fixed more than any of us do. Organize our exploit and bug reports. Keep threads concise so things don’t get missed in the weeds when they’re checking up on our concerns. And hope for the best!

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They patched the bug…and removed the gold/items from the game, and banned the people who exploited. What more would you like them to do exactly?

you were talking about specific people on your server that are still playing, who you knew were cheating, so i asked if you had proof of your claim. A video of a random streamer cheating isn’t proof that people on your server also cheated.

Do you have proof of any bans, removale of and gold/items? I feel all they did was disable server xfers and patched the bug.

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Yes. There is proof of specific people cheating. The videos have been made public and links have been posted. The people have been reported. Every step a player can take has been done. We aren’t asking for them to invent the wheel here. We are asking for them to at least SAY they are going to do something about the exploiters, and then do something. Neither of those things have happened. And just in case you respond with yet another reference to the comment I started this thread with - threatening to ban folks for gold exploits has NOTHING to do with the invulv exploits that stole whole territories away. Those exploiters are not only unpunished, not a single comment has been made beyond “they were reported to the enforcement team” – and the KNOWN EXPLOITERS still control those territories and are making huge sums of gold off those stolen properties.