So Amazon DOES know how to ban people for exploiting?

If customer service hasn’t helped you at all, yes I feel you should. This is a severe bug, one which they should have at least given you some definitive action step within 24 hours, even if it is “I’m sorry we can’t do anything, you will need to reroll your character”.

Show us proof they haven’t been punished. These things take time and investigations. The actual bug itself was promptly fixed and the game has TOU which they enforce. If those rules were broken what makes you think they won’t enforce those rules? If they ban for gold exploiting and botting why wouldn’t they also ban for a different exploit? You really don’t have nay evidence other than you seem to WANT it to be true…but if you have some information showing how people are not being banned when they should be, please share it with us.

Ok at this point I am going to consider you willfully ignorant. I JUST posted there is evidence of specific people abusing the invulnerability exploit to take over territories. I have already said those same people are still running around in the game playing. What do you want? Me to draw you a diagram? Go troll somewhere else.


You keep using very vague terms like “there is evidence” and “specific people”…but you don’t actually name anyone, or provide any evidence. I’m sure there were people who exploited, but how do you know they have not been banned. You come here making claims then the burden of proof is on you friend. You sound like fox news tbh…just vagueness and hyperbole.

Nope. Evidence has been provided to Amazon. Names have been named. You are the one who came into my thread saying bans had happened. They haven’t. You lied. Go troll elsewhere.

Just as i thought, another forum karen freaking out and doing their chicken little “the sky is falling” dance all over the place, but even when they get what they want…still upset. This isn’t about the game, it’s about YOU. You are an unhappy person so you do unhappy things. If this issue were not around you would find another one to complain about. Amazon is doing fine, in fact compared to other game launches this one is 9/10 at least. Don’t like it…don’t play. simple.

They should have turned off Wars right away when the lag exploit was found.
They definitely should have turned it off when the invulnerability cheat was found.
They still didn’t turn it off when their 1.03 patch didn’t fix the invulnerability cheat.
They did take action on the gold duplication by turning off transfers but still no sign of any bans having gone out.

We’re well past mere bans. Legitimate players deserve compensation.
I want to see proof that bans happened – counts of accounts banned, lists of account names.

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It does no good to report anyone, I have reported Gold sellers, bots, exploiters, and guess what every single one of the accounts is still logging in. These are legit cheaters, I quit reporting people because it seems Amazon does not care that these people are killing their game.

I made a detailed post of a HUGE exploit for instant ore respawns and it was removed. WTF seriously…

About to call it quits and take a break I guess.

Troll. Nothing has been done. Stop lying.

There are no instant ore respawn bugs, so it got removed because of you making things up.

karens are gonna karen.

Another childish remark from someone who has no clue. There is an instant ore spawn google it fool. It’s in the GD. It’s shit like this that’s killing this game. The ore that spawns under or near Mozrul the Herald can be mined and instantly respawned by running up the road. Not to mention, people cant complete lego quest line because you can’t kill the boss and the tentacle. Don’t tell me they fixed it I watched people do it last night, EXPLOITS!!!

You are right there is a bug to force spawn ONE ore…and your post wasn’t removed it was locked because they sent the bug to the dev team. This was 2 days ago lol…im sure they will fix it, technically this is exploiting so people can and will be banned for abusing it. I had to hunt around to find your post my bad.

There you go again. Prove that ANYONE has been banned. You have such faith in the system, but there is literally zero proof that a single person has been banned (beyond the much abused 24 reporting ban).

And this is going to be the thing that kills the game, them simply stating it CAN be punishable doesn’t mean they will punish, the most I’ve seen are temp bans from doing reekwater elites for hours on end and nothing more. This is the equivalent of saying sure go ahead and bug abuse, we’ll just give you a light temp ban and you can keep all of the progress or items/gold you abused to get. It’s starting to feel as though this game is going to be bug abuse city and everyone is already catching on to this. Guarantee any time you see a bug that remotely resembles any sort of progress you will find everyone doing it simply because there’s no “real” punishment to it, sad really. I’m not sure why they also have bug reports available to the public, this only allows for more bug abuse in a shorter time frame and with the way they handle current exploits it’s definitely not helping their game as it currently stands.

guysguysguys chill!!! soon, the meta’s gonna change. that means eventually Hammer spam won’t be a thing and neither will Ice gauntlets. Imagine the look on legitimate gamer faces when those cheating players have to actually play the game. We spent time gitting gud, while they wasted who knows how many dozens of hours cheating.

When the dust settles, this is going to be a true competitive title. Just gotta get the assholes to quit playing and that means removing the easy button(s)

What proof would there be? AGS doesn’t announce when they have banned somebody, so short of a person coming to the forums or making a video about how they got banned…there wouldn’t be any evidence. I will leave you with a quote that i’m sure you will still find a way to sperg out about because that’s just kinda who you are

“lack of evidence is not evidence of lack”

So then. You admit that you were talking out your ass every single time you have said they are banning people. You came to a thread about a problem that has not been addressed and have repeatedly posted more than everyone else how Amazon IS banning people and we finally get to the point I have been arguing with you since you reared your troll-like head: They aren’t. They haven’t been. And since there IS evidence that exploiters haven’t been banned, the original point still stands. Amazon has not done anything to satisfy the folks who had their hard work taken from them by exploiters, and those exploiters are still profiting from their exploiting. Which was the entire point of this thread.

This guy talking like yoda through this whole thread. Always strange to me when people fight tooth and nail to defend cheaters and exploits. Maybe because they’d be on the chopping block next?

absolutely agree, all abusers should be banned, not permanently, but at least for 1 month