So Amazon DOES know how to ban people for exploiting?

Because there are multiple posts from AGS saying they are banning people, and zero posts by them saying they are not banning people. One of us has evidence, and one of us doesn’t. Just because you don’t like the evidence because it doesn’t support your personal narrative, doesn’t mean it’s not true. To date you haven’t actually provided any evidence…you just keep saying “it exists”, while i can actually link evidence they are banning people. It might not be happening fast enough for you, and they may have chosen not to ban everyone you wish they would, but that is not the same as “they dont care and are banning nobody”.

And just how many people do you think are going to remember to remove that downvote once it is fixed? Will you remind them?

As foreverhydrox said

↑ Is far better than trying to promote a train of negativity and exaggerated complaints.

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How is… just how is that accurate? ↓

Like dude… do you even read the posts Amazon has been making???

The last link I listed you even posted yourself, yet say really dumb stuff like

like whaaaaa??? I’m lost. You have gone from just wondering about the topic, to (supposedly) answering your own question sir.

What you’re saying doesn’t go against his argument, nowhere in those posts do they post proof of any meaningful bans, just them stating it, if anything you just put fuel on it and proved what he was saying is true. There has been no proof what so ever that they are actually actively punishing people properly for current exploits. What you have linked is proof that there MAY be bans happening for specific exploits (Not a majority of exploits), not actual proof, however this isn’t going to catch 99% of the exploits. I’d say it’s most likely catching 1% of players for whatever they set it up to use as they would want to be lenient and not have an automatic system punish wrongfully. Sure there could be a very select few people, however there is a very large number of people that are exploiting unpunished or not enough to matter and are getting away with it due to the bans being so light and meaningless. If you had actually understood his post you would understand his intention was that exploiters are only benefiting, even if he says they don’t get banned, that’s besides the point. The bans they do receive had no impact because even the small number of players who HAVE been banned so far have only been temporary from what I’ve seen and nothing has been lost due to it, only gained. If amazon was more transparent with their more permanent bans if they had any then this wouldn’t even exist to begin with and there would be less people thinking about exploiting, but for the time being there’s no proof to suggest there’s been enough meaningful bans to make the players worry less about the future of the game and players will continue to exploit and ruin the game until actual punishments are dealt out.

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On the chance that you are not just trolling like certain others, I will try once again to explain the situation I am frustrated with.

My original post to refresh your memory:

This isn’t about gold sellers, gold dupers, or people avoiding AFK kicks. This is about exploiting the invuln bug to take over territories. But, in response to those three things: Amazon said some 3rd party seller was doing something they weren’t supposed to with keys, and invalidated all the keys. Not quite a ban, but actually pretty close. Amazon said in response to gold duplication that players found to be intentionally duplicating would be banned. Future tense. Not that they had been banned. And not even sure how the AFK thing has any relevance other than there was some vague threat of doing more than kicking people from the game for avoiding afk mechanisms.

None of these things addresses my original post.

On my server a smaller faction went from controlling 2 or 3 territories to controlling 7 of them in the matter of a couple days. Including Everfall. By far the busiest and most developed territory. I was not personally in the war where control was lost, but several people that I know from outside the game were. They posted video of people clearly standing on the control points, not moving, not taking damage. Everyone was reported. At this point I think everyone knows that this exploit existed and was widely used.

The people in that video have not been banned from the game. They still control Everfall. They are still making very large sums of gold from the territory they exploited to capture. In theory the exploit has been fixed (though I have heard multiple people say it still exists, but not in the exact same form - I don’t know personally, I am not an exploiter). You can choose not to believe me if you wish, or call me names… but it remains true. The exploiters have not been punished in any visible way.

This is the part that I and many others are upset about. At no point has Amazon said they were going to do anything about those who exploited the invulnerability bug beyond that this isn’t something community managers do. There is not even a threat about banning them. They still control the territories they exploited to capture.

The message this sends is that Amazon either doesn’t care or is not able to do anything about that behavior. They know these people cheated to steal control of territories and have allowed them to keep control and profit from it. Maybe this will change. I hope it will change. But that is how it is right now. All I wanted was for there to be an official response saying that some/any action would be taken against the exploiters.

Sorry for the wall of text, but the whole point of the thread seem to have been derailed by an overzealous troll.

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