So amazon never ackonolges lost items? and just closes out these post?

im still missing these items and today i lost a twitch skin the pirate sword but still have the emote?

Well based on the fact it auto closes after 30 days are you surprised? You never bumped and the formatting of your “bug report” is umm not so great. Are you still having this issue maybe you should make another post. I have seen much acknowledgement from Amazon on lost items.

I guess I just had expectations of talking with someone. And not another website and login I needed to use to mange my own issue and keep it bumped…… Even a email or ticket number would be great. Instead the game directed me to post on a public forum….

I can see they added a chat support option I may review that method.

Maybe better luck with posting in Game support maybe? Double visisbility? Heck my friend has yet re receive any response on why his audio cuts out 10 min in-game. No one bumped thread and was closed.

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