So... are shell companies technically Breaking the Code of Conduct?

So you set the siege time as a company so any territory you own has the same window. That’s whole reason that shell companies are an issue. By owning the territory under the shell company they can ensure that their A team is always available for defense because you can never be double declared.

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Exact same siege window.

You can double declare to force the company to bring 100 players to defend both territories.

If they can’t muster the full 100 slot defense, then they have a good chance of coin flipping both territories. Instead of just one.

Most will choose to full slot one defense war and let the other territory flip.

That’s when they bring a shell/proxy company and bypass the double declaration, triple [up to 11] declaration mechanic.

All of a sudden you can have 50 people plus a few hired mercenaries to bunny hop 550 slots in a straight day of 11 wars.

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K. Was just checking. That’s how I assumed it worked but I’ve never been a consul or gov.

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So I was not wrong on mechanics of the system.

Definitely seems like an exploit being abused rather than a feature.

its hard to say its really an exploit as there is no requirements and no penalties for anyone making another company.

that is the grey area.

and some folks do it just because of gold cap reasons.

not that that is good ether.

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You are probably not going to get a clear answer from AGS.
They have never rigorously enforced TOS or banned cheaters/exploiters.
At most they fix something and say it was unintended. But everyone can exploit early and often with no consequence.

This has been their history and policy since launch.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

CMs did call the tent trap exploit as an exploit, but how many bans went out for repeatedly exploiting this? An exploit that lasted literally months.
Even when it’s officially called an exploit on the forums, everyone still used it because they know there won’t be consequences.

its not even consistant.

suspensions while under investigations with extensions and no clear communication

suspensions just being a week long ban which is pretty god damn punishing with the loss of time gated cool downs and events.

At this point let’s just shelf fairness. Let’s assume, by this point, that people running shell companies had their chance to terminate the behavior with fair time and ability. This isn’t gonna come as some sudden surprise, when shell companies get answered.

Instead let’s ask a much more pointed question. Will the game survive if shell companies are allowed to persist?

This thread alone is testament that they do more harm than anything, and we have other threads where people have commented on how these players come through like a fell wind and trash servers.

At which point are the ubiquitous ‘we,’ who sit idly by while neither they nor AGS move to answer the fact that shell/super comps are doing damage, just being left to rot because we aren’t part of a demographic of players who ruthlessly exploit oversights made on behalf of trusting players not to be selfish?

Or more simply: how long will we all be made to watch while they make everything shitty for anyone who isn’t part of their servertrotting racket?

Again, the fairness of this judgement notwithstanding. I think having to deal with them this long justifies a little executive action.

i am in company

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I second this!

Bzrk and primordias are doing this on us west Camelot.

Even if we “break” shell companies people will form alliances and create discord circle jerks outside of it and situation will remain the same. Unless we have an option of civil war within a faction

One, set time for wars can also solve this

It states anything that is unintended use of a feature. I feel like it is an oversight and an unintended use of the company system.

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But this requires multiple people. You can’t possibly have the same 50 people own a whole server if they’re all in one company.

There’s a lot of changes to the system that could happen, they should’ve fixed this system a long time ago.


So I think trying to letter this within the rules is beyond reason now. We should be asking for extreme prejudice when dealing with shell companies, and we should look to implement a strong prevention.

No more asking if we should. You know? If it doesn’t fall outside the rules, it surely falls within their interest to stop this kinda behaviour. If they feel unfairly treated then they can come here, before the forums, and before the reddit and state their case in front of the players whose game they happily trashed in their weird ego conquests. If they truly feel they didn’t deserve it, maybe their mothers can help-- but believe me when I say it’s not our responsibility to raise these people with a sense of even modest decency.

Of course, it goes without saying I don’t have any real substantial ideas here. Maybe some kinda requirement for a company to wage wars, making shells useless?

i would of said monetary requirements but thats trivial for some companies.

so it really only limits it to a time requirement.

the only quick solution to shell pushes is a timed lock out when changing companies. that will at least knock down the shells from like 4 to 2.

(ie if you leave your company or get kicked (nipping that in the butt) you cannot join or create a new company for like 7 days. this stops companies from pushing immediately with 4-5 companies without extreme preplanning and a LOT of bodies)

alternativly. a more punishing option is deleting any progress made by a shell company by removing the progress from anyone that pushed and swapped companies.

it would mean that a shell cannot push 20% switch to a new company and push another 20% etc etc. so if 9/10 people pushed the 20% and swapped the influence will drop down to 2%. get shreked.

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AGS should just introduce a 3 days war offensive war CD for now for a short term fix and figure out how to better fix this shell company fiasco.

Another thing they could do is to cap maximum influence 1 company could push in a territory per day. Problem with mega company is they spread their members into their holding company and zerg a territory influence push sometimes in only an hour or 2 making it impossible for smaller companies to compete in pushing influence. A daily influence cap would help smaller companies to get into war bidding.


Make them salvage one piece of their BiS gear to swap companies and it stops all together :stuck_out_tongue:

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We should honestly just have a different system where there’s ‘war time,’ during which wars can be openly waged and joined, so a town could come under huge siege. That’d give people the ability to team up, or intercept sieges.

Ah, I dunno, I’m just trying for something that kiboshes them completely, but I don’t know if it can happen.

These are all good ideas, though, and even if it’s just a slap patch fix it could buy them time.

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