So... are shell companies technically Breaking the Code of Conduct?

If a company loves war, they will do anything to play more wars. Often times that requires taking more territory. If they’re better than the ones they war, they will naturally take that land. Is it greedy in a sense? Sure. They are hoarding the wars for themselves. But if there’s no repercussions or rules anywhere saying they can’t, what’s to stop them?

If the devs want shells to stop, they need to make a mock war system so everyone gets more wars, add a cooldown to swapping companies, make a rule that your roster needs to be filled by 50% of your own company members, and remove factions from PVP.

That would add more wars for everyone and remove the shell problem.

No point in having unenforceable rules. There is no way for them to do anything about shell companies that wouldn’t hit a some innocent bystanders.

Thank you for your post @IDarkStar! It seems like you’ve sparked quite the discussion, I’ll forward this to the devs and see what they have to say!



problem is thats not the only thing these people do this for.

quite often they wreck entire servers and dip to another server.

and its super funny when one is running away from a better super company.

they dont want competition.

they want land and money. quite often.

they specifically target weaker servers because its an easier take.

it can be slightly mitigated by having company joining and leaving cool downs.

that should be more than enough to reduce shell companies from the 4+ down to like 2 if they want any significant push power.

and even at 2 25 man squads that will limit their decking chances to about 50% at best. (assuming 20% requirement and if pushed at the same rate with similar group numbers its going to be potentially 4 companies that can deck)

along with removing any influence gained by people leaving companies mid push (fully shown on the bar so that it doesn’t poison the push (multiple crap shells to push out potential decker’s) should make it so that at the least more normal companies have a chance at decking.

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You are asking the wrong question. We know what they are doing is against the TOS and ruining the experience for many players. What we don’t know is why there has been no action taken against it.

That is all I want to know. Why has there been no action taken?

This is the main reason I dropped the game and its still the main reason I won’t seriously ever consider coming back. I’d like to know why they think its not an issue worth addressing.


Been asking that same question since launch on many exploits.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


Some toxic companies deliberately try taking ‘every’ territory and people don’t even bother trying to fight back and just leave instead. That server becomes a ghost town and the company jumps to the next highest pop server. They try doing the same thing but if they can’t beat the competition they get salty and leave to a different server.

But not every company with multiple territories is like that. Some genuinely just do it for more wars.

Bottom line is this:

  • the current system breeds bad player habits

We need to remove factions from PVP to stop limiting who we can fight (such as a toxic company within the same faction), make a queueable war mode (mock wars or custom wars), limit how much gold you earn from town ownership to 50% and the rest goes back into townboard rewards or other gold rewards in the territory (clearing portals, killing mobs, dungeons, etc). Then add a 7 day cooldown to company swapping and make it so you must fill a roster with 50% of your own players.

Then companies wont be able to get as rich owning land. You can’t have a billion shell companies. And everyone gets into more wars.

and lose out on those 15$ per person transfers?

thats the reason its money.

(actually my replies are blending between all these similar things… by trasnfers i mean super companies that do use shells as a way of upping their chances at decks. these are the people that move in giant units to new servers to take over everything and then leave when everyone else has abandoned the servers)


Logic is not allowed here sir, only bad solutions please.

Also, territory influence pushing is absolute garbage and has been since day 1.


I always thought influence should simply be ‘zone control’.

Such as you must hold the fort or war camp or ‘area’ for a period of time. It stops people from needing to run back and forth for hours, and instead people can do other things while the raise influence, but also makes it easier for pvp brawls to occur.

Otherwise the influence could be raised by doing a very small amount of quests (for example, your company only needs to get 10% to declare).
And lets say 10 companies managed to get 10%. Then they would do a mini tournament style war system. Where they get to war the other companies. If they win, they fight again. This continues until theres a winner. Then the winner gets a chance to war the company that owns the territory.

Way more wars for everyone. And if only 1 company gets 10%, the territory goes into an auto-conflict state after 2 days and that company can war the territory owners.
Would be a more dynamic system for sure but gets rid of influence pushes entirely and makes shell companies redundant because you’d have to war yourself lol and since you’re guaranteed a chance at the territory with just 10% , shell companies would be pointless

put in a influence timer so night owls cant sit there and hold shit uncontested.

its not like siege schedules already work like that anyway.

Perhaps they should do a question and answer video that is separate from the Dev video

Questions are submitted in a thread, the top 5-10 posts are responded to in video format in much more detail

This would help those concerned hear what the devs thoughts are and hopefully get an understanding of how and when it may be addressed

they should but i can already see the. we are looking into it, it is not a priority right now. i cannot speak further on this, however we are excited to talk about xyz instead of abc.

as is the usual.

otherwise the top 5-10 questions are going to be sandblasted into really basic questions with very basic answers that help no one.

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I do see how that currently does happen, but they need to not do that with the Q/A only video. We shall see

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they need to seriously go in depth

show that they know what they are talking about and break down everyone argument for or against what is being discussed and why.

no sane person should have any sort of real confidence in the dev team right now if they held out since the beginning.

in short it is not the forums or your players that need to be less toxic.

its you the devs that need to prove to us that you deserve less of it.

silence is not helping that.


Should also make that if Green attack Purple,then only Green/purple could go to war.not let yellow help green or purple.Or make it so that only company vs company can go to that war.And yeah no one should be allowed to switch company all the time like many to when it comes to push ect.
The Dev team need to weake up soon.Cuz server by server are getting destroyed.
So no wonder players quit.
And that player can transfer to new server all the time is silly.max 2-3 transfer in 1 year.

Innocent Bystanders impacted because they might get legitimately kicked out of their company, and then they are stuck with no company for whatever cooldown there is. There is no way to handle this without unintended impacts to unintended people.

It would take quite a F up to kick someone out of a company.

the only thing that could potentially screw it up is troll invites pulling people out of companies.

easy fix to that is to auto set company invites to hide.

along with some extra warning tabs that shouldn’t be very hard to implement.

Personally I think wars should only be allowed to fill a war roster with company members. If your company doesnt have enough members to fill a war roster then it should not own a war territory. If the company doesnt have a full roster then it should not be allowed to make declares at all.

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From a couple months ago, still waiting a response