So are we back to this, again?

Not able to craft from storage vaults, again… Thought this was already fixed once. How many times will we have to endure recurring bugs AGS? This is the month of "bugs, bots and fixes right??


It seems to randomly come and go for me, and always “goes” at the worst possible time. Really, really frustrating…

Did you try to turn it off and on again?

I’m not having that problem.
Tested that with splitting my amber gems for fusion, one set in storage, other in personal inventory.
If you use Steam, verify files, i always do after any update

And to double check, i teleported to another town, and did some lumber. Storage had the standpaper and the timber, personal inventory had the aged wood. Worked just fine.


I’d like to turn this development team off and on again to see if they could possibly reboot with some competence…


Can confirm it comes and goes. Saw the issue when doing smelting -.
Leaving town for a minute or two fixes it.

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It was never gone. Ever since the last patch.
Taking any random item from the storage will fix it.

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I’m just now downloading, so any ideas that you would like tested about this situation? we already have folks saying that they got it working, and wondering if there is any testing still needed?

I’ll spawn in WW, and test taking something out of storage, and see if I have any problems in WW or other towns. Last night/this morning, my motes were inventory only for the upgrades, so let us see what we can see.
I’ll post up my load up inventory when I get in. I may have stored everything before logging off, in which case I won’t be able to craft or refine until I take something out of storage.

This has not been an issue foe me since the fix.

Can confirm, not able to refine without first taking something out of storage. Once I went to the station with leatherworking stuff on me, it showed up as doable, and remained doable after putting it back again, and this worked for all stations.

Exactly. Has been like that since the last patch.

confirmed intermittent

They don’t fix bugs they just ‘mutate’ them lmao. Hell they can’t even fix a bug that displays incorrect icons for items… so yeah… Anyway when that bug pops up it seems to remedy itself by closing and re-opening the game. Very convenient.

Sounds like a desync issue where the game cannot identify what is your storage vault. You can see the issue in other areas too. Log out of an invasion/war and you won’t be able to see your achievements. Likely desync between updating your achievements from the results of the invasion/war and so the game doesn’t show any achievements until the update occurs. Usually resolves itself when you complete another quest, port to another zone, go in and out of your house.

Desync issues like this are not game breaking to me as there are means to resolve them. Frustrating for sure.

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