So are we free to use Farming Bot in New World?

29.11.2021 at 07:47am in EU Central Rocabarra server, I found a farming bot user in Windsward. I tried to send him many pms and he didnt reply me back. His movements are like robot. He is doing sharp turns like 90 degree. He is stuck in front of tree while walking. If you watch the video you will see he is definatelly using farming bot. At the end of his journey he is arriving to the windsward settlement’s storage. I reported him 5 days ago in the game and on AGS live chat. I asked my ticket’s progression a few min. ago and they are saying Team is still working on it. I wanted to share this cheater’s video in forum too. Maybe He can get true punishment asap. (Sorry for bad quality at the video)

Cheater Nickname: Wolwerine JK (He is still free. He didnt get any punishment yet. So… Using farming bot,Does it not illegal thing in the game? 6 days passed and he is still free.)

Farming Bot - Wolverine JK Video

They banned a bunch of bots recently but the botters have just bought new accounts and the bots are leveling up and taking over towns right now.

I had a iron bot on my server for 2 months and hes finally gone. Dunno if he got banned or the botter server transfered away but, its the first time in 2 months I wouldn’t actively post on someones thread, “go ahead and bot, they don’t care”.

this guy who I reported still free and using farming bot everyday and ruining the economy. The interesting thing is AGS still investigating. I sent them a proof video. And he is still free… :frowning:

Second day in a row after 2 months of non stop botting the iron bot is gone from my server.

Dunno what to think.

Honestly I would just bot. 2 months of botting will make up for the account cost as long as you sell some gold, and lots of gold buyers to be found.

It’s a really sad situation. There seems to be almost no criminal sanction against cheating in the game, especially against the use of farming bots. It is very strange that the report I sent is still under investigation, even though I have provided 100% proof that a cheater is a cheater. I wonder if the prolongation of the process allows AGS’s farming bot users to cheat in the game? Thinking that the process would accelerate, I opened a topic in the forum, but on the contrary, the process did not accelerate at all. I hope someone related reads what I wrote and gives the necessary punishment as soon as possible. In the server we play, our economy went under the ground because of farming bot users. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to do what’s needed.

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