So Called Moderators Need An Evaluation

I recently got banned earlier this week.

I had my buddy make a post for me on these very forums to express what I wanted to say while I was silenced on the forums. You can find that post here Musket player unrightfully banned, evidence in post - #4 by Luxendra

That post had all of the information relevant to the incident.

The issues I have is that the information I provided wasn’t even examined. I can tell simply by the cookie cutter responses. If you truly want this game to succeed I think it is imperative that you not only have a good game, but also have support surrounding the game to ensure that the user is happy with their experience.

When I tell you this was the worst support experience I ever had, I would not be lying to you. After I seen @Luxendra say that the post was gonna be sent to the moderation team, I was expecting maybe an email. Albeit expecting an email is a little much, so I went out of my way to contact them for the third time. Within 30 minutes they told me to go fuck myself for the third time. Why give people an appeal option when you refuse to look at all the information regarding the case? It’s almost as if you want people to stop playing the game.

I am voicing my frustrations and have been on these forums before trying to give feedback to make the game better, and honestly was thinking about quitting. Here I am though. I can’t believe I am still playing this game after the treatment I was given during the appeal process. I understand that New World is not a big enough game to have its own dedicated support team at AGS. However, the training methods for determining appeals has to be altered. There is no way video evidence/ task manager evidence was given and I was still told to fuck off.

If I could not get unbanned with video evidence than anybody else who tries to get unbanned is just as likely as me to stay banned.

What it ultimately boils down to is the automated reporting system in New World. If you wanna get a bot banned for farming nodes. Don’t report them as a bot that doesn’t do shit. Instead, report them for cheating. The way your code is set up for mass reports in cheating is to instead auto-ban said person. I have seen in-game moderators before. It cannot be that hard to check the logs and see if a person is actually cheating or not. And it’s even less hard to see if a person is cheating or not when they provide you video evidence of their gameplay.

I am highly dissatisfied with the experience I had with the support team. If you AGS, have any shred of care in the world for this game called New World. Than provide your game moderation team better support when it comes to handling bans. It is actually ridiculous that I have to say this to a billion dollar company.

Also fix the automated banning. Mass reports lead to auto bans. This also leads people to stop playing the game. Less people playing the game, less income. Less income means less development. Less development means dead game. Get your shit together.

I am salty about the whole situation but I love the game. Make it so I can continue loving the game. Thanks for your time.


I agree. I’m tired of being told to turn it off and back on, or go to a website and email people that dont respond, or delete the game and reinstall the 60+GB download. I’m also tired of having/seeing threads closed and CM’s acting like something isn’t an issue when it clearly is for a lot of people. You might not have control of things but you do have a voice… and you CM’s are our voice. And things aren’t going well and we’re here voicing that and getting silence in return. I’m not suprised no one is helping with the PTR… what’s the point if nothing gets fixed even if people do???

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For my most recent ban, I tracked the download count/view count of my supporting files, and I know whoever reviewed my ban did not view any of my gameplay footage or download my logs. Additionally, for over a month I’ve been trying to get an answer to, “why have I been banned in the past.” The moderation department sent mostly auto replies and never responded to my simple question. I asked customer service and they told me to ask the moderation department. I asked the moderators on the forums for help and they told me to request my Amazon data. I requested my data, and my penalty file is mostly empty except for listing the dates I was banned. Apparently “why have I been banned?” is an unanswerable question. Interesting, it does look like I was reported 152 times from July 28 to August 2, and I was banned on August 3.

Anyway, it has been a tremendously negative experience interacting with the ban/appeal system. If the above description is unintended, then AGS should audit their moderation department to ensure they are doing their job as expected. If the above description is intended then I don’t know what to say……

As the OP described, having a moderation system that is seemingly fair and relatively transparent will help New World succeed in the long term.


You wont get unban bro. Just rebuy the game

This issue exists since release.
I think that they don’t have it in high priority.

Maybe one day they will fix it, but I don’t think in near future.

I’m not banned. Nor is the OP.

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To unban your account you must be very lucky. This is it. Even the god would come to the earth. You must be lucky.

He’s has been unbanned 3 times in a month LOL… :upside_down_face:

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