So can we get info on World merges

How long before worlds are merged? As it stands right now a lot of servers are below 1k on my current world set other than 2 which break above 1k every day (almost cap each day on those 2) but my server and 4 others in our world set (omnicron) are below 1k pretty much daily at this point.

Now with transfers open again the issue has worsened and we’re all stuck on this server without any possibility of moving server (had multiple people come to this server in the first wave of transfers) So what’s the game plan for world merges? Will they merge soon or will they be left to die out and force the players on the server to give up totally.

The current information on world merges is horrendous to say the least and it’s clearly needed on a load of world sets to keep the servers populated.

I would like an update on this as well. I am stuck on a dead server /: bad transfer decisions were made.

Hello Heed and MellowOutt

Im sorry for the issue you currently have with the transfer server’s feature.

Our Dev team posted the following information about transfers: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 .

I hope this helps!

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Thank you @Cactacea - I guess I will take advantage of farming Legendary Mats until this gets resolved :stuck_out_tongue:

To dive deeper into my issue - I used my transfer token before they were taken down for maintenance. I moved to a Med. Pop server my friends were on. Then when the Tokens opened 2 weeks later - EVERYONE left the server I moved too.

Weeknights have around 100 people. And weekends cap out at 300-400 on prime time. Makes the world feel deserted.

I am genuinely shocked when I see another flagged player. lol.

Thank you for listening! Hopefully merges or round 2 of tokens will let me and all my friends move. As they won’t use their tokens, until the few of us can move as well (now that we are stuck).

@Cactacea - Any input on this? Or should I reroll a character?

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