So crafted gear is going to be dead

I am out of words.
I lost the last slim of hope i had for this game after the last decision of the Devs.
This proposed updates proves me Devs have no idea about their own game and what players want.

Can we start betting what will be introduced next? My tip is it will become like MU online orwhatever that trash was, where you will just reset on max lvl geting some few stats more and TADAAA you have a new game to grind


getting money is progression, pvpers get more money than they get drops. this basically forces all playstyles to farm chests or expeditions in order to get progress more than one time per day.

Like I said. Nothing in the text tells u, that our current progress is not wiped. So if you’re doing chestruns each day, farming elite for HWM upgrades etc its set to ZERO again and you have to do it from the scratch. That’s what I read from the update.

“Gypsum Orbs can then be crafted into Gypsum Casts of any weapon, armor, or trinket type. Note you can only craft any type of Cast, once per day.”

This wording actually makes me belive 1 orb = 1 cast…

And the potion is only for Topaz Gypsum which seems to be the one you gather from farming ordinary mobs.

I hope so but to go from 500-600 will be 2000 days.

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only once per day, for alla activities outside of elite chests and expeditions, and low chance from elite bosses

only way i get upgrades is from crafters, out of almost 600 hours, i have NEVER gotten an upgrade as a drop. not a single one. far as i can see, they are trying to spread a sliver of butter on a giant piece of toast by making the grind even worse, which honestly, i didn’t think was possible but ASG is doing it! GJ.

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hardcore players will get benefits from elite chests and expeditions, which are time limited, but less limited.

Well I guess I didn’t actually think some people don’t care about PVE at all in an MMO. For me it was obvious if I wanted to only kill people I’d play CS:GO, Valorant or Overwatch, when I want to play an MMO I also want to progress my character and not just buy gear from the market. But people are different.

leveling crafting isn’t zero effort, pvping isn’t zero effort. earning money isn’t zero effort.

the 570 items that are cheap are not ideal, and their cost represents the growth of the overall playerbase. They already have problems with most players not being powerful enough to participate competively in endgame activities like wars, invasions, expeditions, opr. Lets make it even less likely that the player base can compete/participate at decent gear level


Icarus launches tomorrow at 5PM… thats where i’ll be


So all the time and money i spent into levelling Weaponsmithing & Armoring was just a waste, because my 600GS crafted item won’t even be 600GS anymore then? I just really hope AGS listens to the community for once and will never bring these changes into live servers…


I don’t think this is a bad thing. My server has 25 pages right now in the TP of 600 GS items.

You can easily just buy a full legendary kit. The day you hit 60. Which makes doing anything endgame pointless.

You should at least have to earn something.

yes, this game is different, it promised progression through crafting, economics, pvp as well as pve. Before the players chose their preferred method of reaching endgame.

With the current plan on the table a specific type of gameplay progresses much faster than all other playtypes. One of which is the one tons of people complained about as being boring, and the other one most players weren’t that interested in engaging with


raise your hands for how many people actually have a perfect set of high ilvl gear with the best perks/gems/etc on them for your build…

i can’t, far as i can tell, getting that set with all the RNG involved is next to impossible. that or you are uber rich and can afford the 10-20k per item that is priced for people who buy coin with RL money.

i don’t forsee these changes doing much about that at all.

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even if the system was about earning it over purchasing it, it should not be heavily weighted to progress through elite trains and expeditions over all other types of gameplay

I am still trying to figure out this new maze of grinding you are about to push out and how it is supposed to improve things. It reads like a shell game, exchanging your terrible watermark system for an expertise system.

So far in this thread I have seen:
People assuming the bump is 1, despite the words “we have increased up the amount your Expertise increases with each bump” being in there, and no indication that this doesnt apply for casts. Sure, it could be 1. But there is more evidence to it not being one, so why assume the worst?

Someone also manged to assume this isnt for jewellry, despite it mentioning trinkets.

And some have also assumed that their current score will be wiped, based on only the fact that it doesnt say it wont. Despite the fact that I cant see any indication of any kind that anything will be wiped.

Basically, a lot of people seem to read these changes like the devil himself reads the bible. Are people really that demoralised? If so, I dare say AGS has more of an uphill battle than I thought.

I mean just the item-shards alone could push crafting to a whole new level.


I’m assuming it’ll still be worth something. It sounds like to me that if you have that 600 gs item but your expertise is 580, it’ll have the same rolls, just at a lower level. But every time your expertise goes up, so too do the stats on the weapon…at least until you hit 600 expertise.