So, end game solo PVE content. AGS any plans at all?

I like to PvP and PVE, but have no interest in group PVE, and yes I know it’s an MMO. I play MMO for the PVP, and want solo end-game PVE content. Beyond getting shards and gypsum for PVP there’s nothing to do.

There are many people who play solo, so I’d recommend catering to those, unless AGS think all end game PVE should be group based.

It’s a notable option which has never been present. All it will do is give solo players something to play for. Group players have some content.


What would you like to see? I solo a lot too but I primarily like big group activities. One thing I think was cool for solo players was in WoW during legion expansion and also the newest one they had what they called mage tower. It got harder as you went up the tower and it was a solo activity. Was a lot of fun.

Would you like something like that? What other types of things would be fun? I am hoping there are boats someday and maybe they can create some cool content both for solo players and group players. I want to be a pirate and rob other peoples ships!


Sorry, its an MMO, endgame PvE content with endgame rewards will be always a group content - dungeons, raids. Thats how MMOs work :slight_smile:

Adding single player option with endgame rewards would totally kill group content. But maybe some single player activity for cosmetics would be nice.


Rafflebone is end game pve single, there are also people who run tempest solo, just do all the group activities solo,

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Lol rafflesbones

Right, good to see people are incapable of defining how things could be other than “it’s an MMO” therefore we do X.

Always follow the straight old line.


How do you run Tempest solo when it requires a minimum of 3 people to enter?


Because most people choose an MMORPG to play with others …

People who do not want to play with others will find their needs satisfied in RPG Games.

Its as simple as that, different Genre for different needs.

Allthough if you can come up with some good ideas i would gladly support them, but not at high priority.


You find people you regularly play with. Enter dungeon and they leave you’ll be in it alone still

You get 3 people in a group to pop it then you leave and be a spear chad

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Yeah that’s where the market always lacks. Not all people who likes these types of games want the group thing. It’s a self fulfilling thing, if people only play MMOs to group, then it drives the single player out. I only like to PvP and solo PvE.

I’ve heard many people comment on wanting solo PVE content, if it were just me wanting it, then sure, don’t bother, but thats not the case.

Why are others who like grouping against this? I don’t get it.


It’d be cool if there were was endgame solo PVE content as I don’t really like to play during peak server hours. I only like to PvP and solo PvE as well. Group PvE has really been forced for advancing in the game at a decent rate. Occasionally it’s fun though.

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If you group with friends I get it. With a bunch of randoms? I’m out.

Options are good.

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Not really against it, but rather confused about why the initial choice had been made.

MMORPGs are first and foremost a Genre revolving around some kind of group gameplay, this is what many expect if they choose to start with a MMORPG.
I’m fine with having some things to do solo, but thats not why i came for.

If i’m into more of a solo experience, i’d choose a game/Genre revolving around my preferred playstyle, talking about Skyrim, Fallout or playing a Dark Souls/Elden Ring if i want a PvP Part.

Still i’m glad you’re here, glad you bought the Game and beeing a Part of this Community.

Maybe its just the “everything bad - Devs stupid - nuff said” Theme that many people seem to think thats a civil type of conversation. Its okay to not like an aspect of the Game, but at least take your time to come up with an idea how to make it better within the given Game Systems or Lore.


Yeah I get your point. I want a one stop shop in a game, I was thinking about Elden Ring but the PvP looked bad so didn’t touch it.

If you give people more choices the population will grow.

I realise that MMOs are group based games, but that doesn’t mean they have to remain that way.

You need the introvert option here. I really don’t want to meet other people, don’t want to have to organise doing an event etc.

I just want to turn on and play. MMOs will only ever attract those who like to group if that’s all they’re designed for.

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Hmm this would be nearly Impossible to achieve, the balancing would be truly Impossible.

Star Citizen tries to do that and how long took the development until now? 12 years and still in alpha state with many systems still not available/included, Beta maybe some time around 2027 with an Release about maybe 2030.

Another example is Path of Exile, where Multiplayer was a mere afterthough to the point where its only useful for trading, but hard Content is way easier solo then in a group. Still it launched as an always online Multiplayer ARPG.

But after all, different people, different expectations. Lets brainstorm together to find something worthwhile for Solo endgame.

Its safe to assume, everyone would expect this Type of Content to be hard … After all its endgame called for a reason.

Maybe something like the Tower of Doom, with random generated, smaller Levels, thinking of what Diablo 3 did with greater rifts.

But what kind of reward should one get there? Rare mats? Rnd generated Epics and Leggys? Maybe an increased Chance to spawn Raffelbones per Stage until one spawned?

What do you think, would something like this sufficent?

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@jelliedsoup I understand your perspective in wanting more solo PVE content. What kind of activities would you like to see?


This is a sincere question: what is it that draws you to multiplayer games?

For me it’s knowing there are group options available. It’s knowing that there are people in the world aside from me. Even a game full of AI can feel quite empty.

@Soluss These are some really cool ideas. I have noted these down for the team to review!

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Endgame doesn’t have to be group/raid content only for progression. You alienate a large part of the player base with that thinking. Things like token vendors and solo (down tuned) instances to supplement gear progression could be added as one example. (Group could get the drop, and solo could get fifty million tokens and turn into vendor for similar type gear). Keeps players logging in and gives them goals without reliance on time consuming group play. Nothing wrong with options, they are always better for games, even MMOs.

I lead 64-man raids in EQ, from there did plenty of competitive guild/group content along the way in MMOs to date. However, I do appreciate an MMO where I can log in and do my thing and be challenged solo as well. Plus, not to be mean, but a lot of gamers today are different, so many d-bags, I welcome solo time.


Amazing the difference in the EQ community and the gaming communities of today isn’t it?