So, end game solo PVE content. AGS any plans at all?

@Cisgo We appreciate your input. Some really great feedback coming through from our players!

ngl the last mmo iv played fully was ff11.

all end game content was group. in fact massive groups.

iv seen my bud play the recent wow stuff with soloable content.

it was the boringest thing iv ever seen.

Playing “with” others doesn’t necessarily mean we are all in a team giving each other a reach around.

For example I wouldn’t play wars or OPR if it were npcs.

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I think chest runs is pretty cool solo pve content.

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I think stuff like more encounters ala the raffle thingi( i havent encountered this myself)

What we really need in NW is more reasons to venture out in to the world. Like protecting caravans. More random encounters.

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never have i been more excited to see that gold bastard in the middle of a chest run than anything so far in game besides the shiny gold trophy mats.

while caravans and random encounters and even raffle bones is great its not really exclusive to solo pvp or pve.

outside of solo challenge dungeons i cant see much working for solos that isnt just more quests.

besides making everything in the game arbitrarily easy so you can solo it.

I think you’d be surprised but there are many of us that enjoy the setting of an MMORPG (been playing them since EQ1) but prefer to play most of the game solo (gathering, crafting, farming mobs etc). In fact much of an MMO leveling process is done solo and it’s only when you reach max level that you’re required to group.

I also believe that allot of players group because there’s no other choice and it’s really the only way to advance your character in any meaningful way. It doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be end game content that’s designed with the solo player in mind, and if it takes away from group content wouldn’t that mean that solo play is more important to people than you may think? The day game dev’s create a game designed around the solo player with options for group play will be a glorious day indeed.


I’d like instanced bosses like elden ring :slight_smile:

They would be challenging and may require certain weapon combos to beat, which would encourage collecting different types of gear.



You are playing the wrong game. Go play Elden Ring or Witcher 3 or something.

Im all about having SOLO-CONTENT. As in, not forcing people to be in big guilds. Not having all the best loot locked behind 40 man raids or the 50 man Wars, etc.

But seriously?

NO I hope AGS NEVER wastes development time on Solo “End Game” PVE content.

Seriously what end game PvE content is there as you’re all about it?

I think the simplest solution would be having current group expeditions/mutations as a solo option.

Scale the enemy to single mode.


As I said PvP content.

I agree it would be nice if you could have dungeons scaled for solo runs. It’s not always easy to find a good group when you are in the mood to run. With tempest especially it’s so long you get people who want to take a break half way through and your stuck waiting for them lol. Sometimes that’s fine but sometimes I want to power though on my own.

Same with elite zone chests you are forced to go with a group. While i get that’s an all or nothing scale down it still shows that it was designed so you are forced to join a zerg or at least find a large group. Again, sometimes I want that sometimes i don’t. It would be nice if New World was a new style MMO where you could run solo if you chose.


very little you can do about that since its open world.

but you can solo most of it.

just not in the way you are thinking.

I get that, I’m just making the point that the end game was designed so you have to do every thing with a group and I’m suggesting it shouldn’t be that way. And the way to solo elite chest zones for the most part is to hope others are there getting agro’d so you can run in and loot with out getting attacked by NPC. That’s not fun. Someone else has to lose their chance at a chest for me to get it. Just dumb. It’s like all the people mining ori in Shatered Mountian mines and myrk. The whole plan is to kite the NPC onto someone mining so you can steal the last hit on the node. What kind of toxic game design is that. You are never going to fight all the NPC in mines myrk solo.

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90% of the chests are deagroable your self.

you dont need any one else there to grab em.

imho i dont know if things should be soloable or not. certain a train of solo stuff TO DO but its inherently an mmo

mined you my primary mmo experience was from ff11. everything in that game back then was groups. 20-30+ for a lot of end game stuff. but always groups.

it always involved a tight knit community to anything or lots of waiting LFG

a friend of mine does a lot of Wow while at work and it seems he is doing a lot of solo dungeons and il be honest. it looks really frickin boring.

This would ruin the game. Dungeons and the ability to farm named items would be WAY easier and there would be no need to ever group with someone.

Would literally turn into like Path of Exile, where nobody ever groups because its harder to group than to just solo everything by yourself. Thats what the game would turn into.

could be cool if grouping also increased the chances for better items. or added a new loot pool of “good” stuff.

If you can pass the isometric view and point-and-click movement then you might want to give Lost Ark a try… not everything is soloable but things like guardians and the infinite tower are

The tower in wow where you had to master scripted solo encounters that were incredibly challenging for unique skins would be a m azing.

Req the specific weapon grant weapon skins.

The role things in ogrimmar where cool too.