So, enough of negatives, here is my thanks

Even tho, I can be very critique and honest, not taking white gloves ever talking to anyone, I think I am also pretty fair person and therefor I want to thanks devs, over everything what is bad with this game, that what is good, is the best, or lets say, is heading towards to be. Yes, I mean combat.

In your free weekend, I brought one of my best friends into the game, who is gaming with me more or less from the time of CS 1.3 and he loves the game, after 10 days was his first OPR and is very close to 600 GS atm. Even tho his score is far from best yet, he is very good player and learner and I will keep taking adequate care of him, already answered like a thousands of questions and very glad he seems the very same potential in the game as I do. The combat system from his PoV is putting this game next to his favourites UO and Tarkov.
So, I know its not easy, and will be long and hard route, but I will be here for the whole ride.

Thanks devs.

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Hey there Maz1keen, Thank you so much for your kind words. I will make sure this post is seen by the Dev team, after dealing with so many negative feedback forms and bugs all day Iā€™m sure they will love to see your positive thoughts which are very appreciated. Thanks again and have a wonderful night!

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