So I grinded this game for 2k hours for nothing?

I’ve been farming and crafting the perfect gear for hours and now, with all perks and stats changes and weapon balances almost all my build is useless or just way worse than it used to be.

I have to do all the grind again? Hell no, time to switch to another game

In my opinion, the worst patch ever


Most figured this to be the case at the 625 GS patch. You must be new to MMOs and didn’t realize the huge red flags that patch put out. Oh well you live and you learn. Now you don’t have to make this mistake in the future.


yup and guess what 5 new instruments to play songs with your friends

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Including Flute!


Welcome to MMOs where things are constantly getting buffed and nerfed for balance. You have to be flexible.


Unfortunately this is the way it is with MMO’s and online games in general. The idea is to keep you on a quest for power, steadily getting stronger.

I think a lot of people got it in their head that they were going to hit the pinnacle and be able to stop, but that’s not how MMO’s work.

They will add, change and modify continuously so that there is always a power grab. There will always be something better and stronger. And the only people who hit the wall are the sweats who have 10-12 hours a day to do that kind of thing.

Thankfully they are adding lots of ways to gear much more easily this time around, so upgrading will be faster.


yes but that could happen in a healthy mmo, not in a dying one in which every player counts. At least for me, its over. Im not going to waste more time again and again doing the same stuff

That mentality i just don’t understand.

If the game is as you say “Dying” then slapping a staple in it and calling it a day is not the answer.


Your BIS crafted gear is not worthless, and still holds plenty of value. The split-stat attribute changes do not include Constitution, so it really only effects glass cannon or low/medium main stat hybrid builds.

If you are primarily built with Int/Dex/Str and then Con as your remaining 150 points, this change almost does not effect you. There will be more damage over all, but not to the point of invalidating your previously acquired gear.

Those that will benefit in any meaningful way from this change are the Dex/Int, Str/Dex, Int/Dex, etc. hybrid builds that already leaned into the split-stat gear and had very little constitution to begin with. All this does is strengthen their damage output for the trade off (less than 50 con on most builds like this) and will encourage more people to feel like doing something besides the 300 main stat/150 con setup. Sure it might be a pain for those people to reconfigure their gear, but the glass cannon types are probably cheering right now because they’re way closer to being properly recognized and is a really nice step in the direction of build diversity.

These changes are not the end of the world, they do not invalidate your time spent grinding single-stat priority build gear, and WILL not be the reason you are/have been struggling in PvP. Even in PvE it means almost nothing for the majority of players because there are people doing M5+ keys with less than 100 constitution.

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I think until people look at the attributes on the screen and try it out it is extremely confusing to them.

All they see is 50 total more points, if you have split stat in every slot.

Ignoring the fact that this is a true glass cannon. When in fact most everyone will run SOME form of con.

This only gives you a little bit of breathing room to run a split stat build and have some constitution in the long run. UNLESS like you say they are running an absolute glass cannon.

It’s so much easier to change some data than to create real content.
Free to say, “No!”

What kind of content ideas do you have Luisant?

I’ll gladly add it to the compiled list!

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I have no content. I have a real project…

Also, people are forgetting you can have str/con gear.

Bear Blood and one other one. I don’t remember.

Is this your first MMO? Not being an ass. Serious question.

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It is not an appropriate time to make people farm new gear. It will be a tipping point for a lot of current players, and New World cannot afford to lose any players unnecessarily.

AGS is like George Costanza. When George does the opposite of what his instincts tell him his life improves. AGS should just do the opposite of what they think is best.

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There are two modes of thought at play here i think.

One is that AGS should do very little but shore up the river and hope it doesn’t leak any faster.

Or they could revolutionize the dam, and possibly get more water coming in.

Question is, are people not coming back or trying it out again because they think the game is the same?

Or is it because they believe it was changing too quickly and needed to stop?

Only time will tell.

The philosophy has been fine (for amount of change). The amount of time/effort/coin it takes to get stuff is not fine.

We want more meaningful perks but also more options to target what we want and get what we want.


I think they can change things up, but they shouldn’t “add friction” for their existing player base. None of these gear changes will bring people back or get new people to try new world. The changes just make current players’ lives more difficult.

If the changes make the game significantly better so be it. However, I don’t think the changes will make it better or worse; Just different. And that won’t attract any new or old players.

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They’re introducing it with an entire rework on the crafting system. Go to PTR and try to craft and see the difference the changes made first, then make a judgement call. IMO, it’ll be a lot easier to get good gear.

If they didn’t change crafting then introduced this, yes, full on agree.

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