So i reached Lvl 60, it would be fun they said

So Yesterday i hit Lvl 60 as an Fresh Starter from the Event

Let me write down my thoughts of my Journey:

Lvl 1-10:

Woah, Nice Welcome. When i beat the Tutorial Boss the Games is not leaving the Black Screen (It Still there. it happened 5th Time now, Dear AGS)

Oh okay buddy, let me fire up my own Tools to find out. Oh Gamecrashuploader.exe want some reaction from me it seems. But i do not see any Window or such to click on it, just an Black Screen. Let’s see what happen if i Task kill this Watchdog. ohhh… Welcome new World!. i finally made it trough

Anyway. I wake up on the Beach and the colors look so pretty and fun. my Veteran MMO Experience pays out. Lucky i played Tera and other similar games in my Past

Slash, Bonk… Yes the Fights are fun and directly with it’s combos. Me Likes!

Running here kill there, run further kill more oh and of course. going the Extra mile…

Lvl 11-20:

Finally the first City. Oh. Looks Pretty. But well, the Game is struggling to keep up it’s FPS within here. But lucky i expect it from Forums and Rumors out there in the Big Internet. So no surprise on my side

So many Worktables. What good are they for? Well, because of my Veteran MMO Experience i know them. Well, let’s see what happen if i do some Trade skills

Still running around killing the Mobs. But i slowly give the Quests more focus

Today i just want to level some trade skills. i going out to play Chop master 2000 and some trees needs to fall, oh this Boars look nice. Let’s culling it too

Lvl 21-30:
Woah, i am already lvl 30+. that’s going fast. Doing some Side quest here an there and trying to push the Main Quest Line
Got some Lvl 30 Ring as reward. But, sight and deep inhalants the Game unlock it when i reach lvl 40. Hello!! Game Reward Designers!

(Lvl 24)
Uh okay. i realized that the Game now want some strange Azoh Staff for stuff that are hidden behind it. Oh i received an Side quest for my first Dungeon Run. Nice, lets roll out!. Oh. Well, deep inside i know that the Player Caravan is long in the Endgame and they are only capable of One Way Drive. Well, no worries, lets rise some others Trade skills in the meantime

Finally i found a real group. 1 Tank, 2 Damage Dealers and even 1 Healer!! Hurray!. Woah, they sure know this Dungeon. But lucky i can keep up with them, because it’s not my first Rodeo in Unknown Waters

Oh, got my first Blue Shiny Items. Oh, they want to repeat the Run. Why not, perhaps i oversaw in the first run so many things

No not really, same paths we walk, same loot we got. But nice run. This time they tried to explain the Mechanics, thanks guys!

Lvl 31-40:
Well, the item i got from my Dungeon run is still my favorite Weapon (and best) and the Dungeon was design for lvl 25. Oh, finally i found this Azoh Staff Quest Guy and i got my Staff with Lvl 31. Hurray!!

Well. Doing these little red Dots of Corruption alone is no fun. Because mostly (90%) i am doing it alone. No one cares for these Red Dots, strange

Ah. perhaps i now know why. The Loot is way worse then my current Gear and drops trough Grinding the Mobs and Side quests. I understand that the Risk and Reward is bad. very Bad now. So i realized that i do them only if the Faction Quest want some of them killed

Lvl 41-50:

Still flow good trough the Levels, but i realized since i arrived on Brightwood, that the Enemies gotten stronger and hit harder. Time to think about an upgrade

let’s see, there should be an 2nd Dungeon… but nobody is there. I tried many times, no Luck. or if someone was there we did not had a full group. just Damage Dealers…This Dungeon, i never saw it from the Inside. Well, keeping pushing trough the Main Quest Line now. Because this Azoh Staff was a lesson for me. I get to fast Big in Level, that the Story Line can not keep up. Side effect, i am confident that the Mobs are pushovers

Lvl 51-54:
Oh boy, welcome in the Mature Section of the Game. The Mobs stay strong and hit harder since moving to Brightwood. Lucky there are other areas to be Discovered and Side quest

Oh, even some Samurai’s made it to this Island… hello the… WTF! an red Skull over his head… Run Forest Run!.. Argh, my first Death in the game… oh well, nothing serious, because i did only lost my Pride and my Armor got damaged. All other things is still there (and my first tears! :slight_smile: ) Huh Boys, lucky i got trough an Fast Travel point. it can become handy in the Future. Lucky they are not Level restricted for activation

(lvl 55+):
Oh well, the Mobs become again stronger. Well no Problem. i still have my best Weapon in stock, yes this one Blue hatchet from my 1st Dungeon run (lvl 25!!). it still work wonders on the Enemies. Good

Oh, i need to ask for permission to “send them the Bomb!”. Well no problem, let’s ask her for the Solo solution. Oh, well. that far away? But i do not mind. it’s the Solo solution anyway. Sure the Group solution would be better, but my past experience to find a group is tainted black. So it is better to die trying alone until getting stuck waiting for no one to appear

Lucky the game allows to sneak around to get to the Quest Markers. WTF! the Big Bear want a Big Fish??.. Lucky i once Fished here and there. but more out of curiosity. Well, lets try the Hot spots, because of course. This Bigger Fish, you can not Buy…

After some tries i got this Bigger Fish. Back to the bear!. Quest moving forward

Okay, my next Ass wiping on the silver plate from the Mobs. I should not had tried to run to the Entrance of the Angry Earth and try to clean the Way out. Zerg alike little Mobs surrounded me in no time and slapped me to death, oh no it was more their poison

Next try, run trough it and leave them behind the Door. It worked. But inside is no save space from the Poison. Well, this need to be done quickly as long i have enough Health potions

3 Deaths Later… Well, my last resort Weapon… Blue Hatchet from the Past Please help me!.. Okay, Boss is down. Funny that an Lvl 25 Weapon done the Work where others bigger ones failed. Men these Perks are really something

Ah, finally we reaching the better Stuff. Finally some Purple Weapon. !!! Sadness… because it is a Bow. I never skilled the Bow above lvl 3. Oh well, now i have a reason (or not). Because Great Sword Kun and Mr. Hatchet done a good Job so far. Of course i use the Rifle to hit Mobs from far away so they run to me, instant i need to run to them. i am a bit lazy, too

lvl 55-60:
Oh boy, i finally see the Endgame section. The Vulcan. uh oh, well the Mobs are of course lvl 60+. But alone i can take them down. It take some times, because their HP is way stronger tanked. But i wear them down

(Lvl 58) Oh, finally the “Touch the Dungeon to beat the End boss!” Quest. Let’s see. until now running trough and passing the Mobs, did work Wonders. i give it a try

Nope, no, never. The density of the Mobs. these Elites with their even stronger Elite little Boss Mobs… i never saw so many in so little Space. they surly do not want others to run trough here anymore

Lvl 60:
Finally i got Lvl 60 trough Side quests… Hurray!.ö. But no, nope, never. i am just Lvl 60 on Paper not in reality. because i still have 415 gear Score and only some lvl 50 Mod Drops stuff… So i think “You need to get Gud and Wear 600 Stuff, Boy!” (Imagine God of War Kratos now) is the rule!. Well the game is now pushing it into your Face and gives ever time a bloody Nose if you try to reach it. But well, i have no Hopes to get there anytime soon. to fill this Armor Gear Rank Cap in appropriate time. I play this Game for Fun. Sure some grinding, i am no stranger to that.

I am Lvl 60… and i still did not created good Weapons on my own, did not find out to create Buff Heal food better then the Mobs dropping (150Hps Regen tick is my best). But i got some 1.600HP heal Potions!!)
The Trade skills progression can not keep up with my expectations. Well, perhaps it was my fault. because the Game pushed me trough the Levels that “low level” Stuff was not important anymore, because the Mobs drop way better that i can create!.
That’s the other side of the Coin. All Side quests in between are now worthless, too. Only the Quests around the Endgame Area are worthy. So many Tier 3-5 Quest Reward Weapon and Armor Chests are crying out loud now… Not worth the effort. because what they give out are only good to Salvage for Repair Stuff

Fake Lvl 60 Player, with only 12k Gold (earned trough Killing and Quest Rewards) with a Paper thin Gear, with no really good weapon where all feels like “Man, are these all Toothpicks?. It will take Ages to wear him down, and hopefully no Mob adding up!” on Lvl 60+ Mobs

Found the Lvl 60 Forge in the Outpost. But still all Red on the Left… Heck nearly all my Trade skills in the Workbenches are 90% in Red. For what? Buff food? The Mobs drop better!, Weapons? The Mobs drop better. Gear? Dungeons are better, but nobody there to run with! (Also Mobs drop better)

Well, let’s see if the Server Merge turn this around for me

And you have reached the End of this Wall of text. Congratz


You could have made good points.
You certainly made you “excitement” visible

You are lvl 60 for real. Which means that content in the game unlocks.
How different level systems are called is a thing of preference… you are totally right… nobody forces you to play game mechanis with a skill system, with understanding of weapons and the like…

you are completly right about the crafting… >.> But… at the same time its not true. Do you even have any idea how rare BIS items are? Best In Slot. Better then others? Nearly never dropped, but rarely crafted? Not that i disagree that the crafting needs some love… next to a lot of other things.

But as a returning player? Damn… they improofed a hell of a lot. Not as much as prefered… but they improofed on many inconveniant mechanics. I just wish i could see the game played by themselves to the best of its ability. So They actually percieve our inconveniences.

.> Lets go chest run for endgame content \o/ They already did a lot of content within a year. If they keep that up… and i hope for release of new territories soon. New mysteries… new hidden secrets…

The story in Brimstone was a gem. >:> If you expect a WOW developed for nearly up to 20 years… >.> well you are out of luck. Wtf …

there are more concerning problems for those that enjoy how the game developed. Really. Lvl 60 was never the end… expertise is just another way for you to interact with the game.

.> Theres even a solo version to not seek a group option to develope the azoth staff. So people can catch up. Theres even motivation for higher players to visit low level dungeons (mainly gold and materials). Theres even a lot of the dungeon stuff which is now craftable… so you are not forced to repeat dungeons until you are old and grey… just annoyed…

.> There’s craftable only modifiers… Golden Scarabs… and an unbalanced meta. But… I am a loot goblin. This game satisfies my main gaming aspect. Of grinding the shit out of skills, developing a sense of worth for the different items… hunting for specific items… Meeting different challenges, making random companions…

I appreciate a lot of the detail i now find in the game… If things would end at lvl 60… you really would have nothing to do the next weeks.

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So, is this complaining that you have to get crafting up…to craft? :clown_face:

Legit, your entire post 60 complaint, has to do with doing more.

The only rough part is the post 600 GS grind. Getting shards at first is just a bad experience.

Going from 500-600 GS is easy easy easy and quick.

This is a very weird rant. Your complaint about end game, is getting to where you can start what little end game that this game has…

This is no rant, just my impressions how i see my progression and Ideas. Is this all inside your mind an rant?

i only criticize that the game left you many times in the cold Waters. it give you an Hint what Mobs level drops the Stuff you need. but not how you do it. So they expect the player knows all of this. So i get a felling New World are targeting old Veteran Players that love PvP or know Uncle Google better for their own good.

Btw, the Black Loading Screen of Death is no Rant. it is still reality, sadly

It may not be the most glamorous or exciting way to do it. But as you are now, just join some trains and you’ll raise your expertise in no time. You can get 590ish ok gear for less than 1k gold.
Rejoice, you have a lot of exciting stuff ahead. Specially if you really only did amrine

I must say, that was a very nice read. Thanks. Now, I have some tips and tricks for you to get better gear. This is the peak of gaming and everyone was doing it, some still are,

Circles and Boxes. Wait, don’t leave. Hear me out. I assure you, this is fun and really good gameplay!

Ok, so this is what you do:

  1. look at chat. You will constantly see people spamming chest run, myrk, imp, palace, kepri, etc, etc.
  2. Smart as you are, you just follow the pack. After you read the “myrk in 5” you noticed 50 people (70% of the server, mind you) wrote “inv” or “+ myrk”. You decide to copy paste.
  3. Invite to party. Congratz, you got invited to a party. Head out and meat up at their location. Once there you’ll see about 100 players. Something really big is about to go down, for sure!
  4. Everyone starts running, cool too see an event that bring people together in New World. You still wonder what it is though.
  5. You follow the pack. Running towards a big city with thousands of elite mobs. Damn, THAT is COOL. 100 players will siege the town, TOGETHER. Not really, you realize, when the players mindlessly sprints past all the mobs. Whatever, something way cooler must be happening up ahead. So you make your way past every mob.
  6. A CHEST. You have made it to a chest. While all the mobs are hitting the other guys, hurry up opening it! WOOW, you got not only crafting stuff but also purple WEAPONS and ARMOR. Nice upgrade, you think to yourself while strolling past 30 big dangerous elite mobs.
  7. A CHEST. You wonder what this will contain. To your surprise you see more good stuff. Weird, how come weapons and armor were harder to get at level 15 than in endgame? Egh, maybe I was lucky. Lets continue.
  8. A CHEST! You open it and by now you have a full set of new gear! How amazing.
  9. After your 10th chest you finally go back to town, looking at the treasure you and the 100 players got from all of the chests. You didnt even have to kill a SINGLE mob. When you have stashed everything from the “run”, you look at the chat “kepri in 10”. You have learned from the past and quickly write “+ kepri”.
  10. You enter a tomb with chests, filled with 100 other players. How cool, you think. Now, go open all the chests.
  11. Huh? Was that it? Did I get the chests without any effort, again? Ah, nevermind. Lets go to bed and play tomorrow.
  12. You log on. Still in need of materials and gear. You see “myrk in 5 and kepri after”. You CLEAVER boy. Quickly you run the same way as yesterday, past the mobs, opening the chests, teleporting back.
  13. Now you can finally do dungeons, you think. But actually, all the dungeons are capped. You see, the game wont let you try difficult dungeons, even though you are well aware that they might be tough. You need 30 more item level before you can get started! (Foreshadowing till endgame when it can take you a week before doing a higher level dungeon because of item level restriction). “Well, it could be worse” you think, while heading to myrk for the 7th time to run past the same mobs, the unkillable mobs. You think, since you have never seen anyone attack them?
  14. You made it. You have run 100 myrks and can finally do the two dungeons! You look for a group. Can’t be right, how is no one playing the end game dungeons, you think after having looked for about 1 hour. OHH they are doing something called “mutants”, thats cool. Three days pass and you can finally do your first dungeon, which you find really dope. What you find odd is how your party run past half of the dungeon, using some exploit. You begin to think that New World is just a pacifist world.
  15. You have done 2 runs of the same dungeon. You really want to try another one. But to your surprise you need another 100 item levels. Well, back to the first one.
  16. After having played “genesis” 100 times you have finally gotten high enough ilvl for people to accept you to the second dungeon.
  17. You can’t find any groups, but you see that a lot of people play “genisis” again. But everyone is on lvl 15??? You wonder if you can join.
  18. You realize that you need to get 50 more ilvl than the requiremtents for the second dungeon in order to play the first one again.
  19. You have grinded so much, congratz, but don’t forget your chest runs every day! A fun thing to make the time pass is doing it blind folded. Or making the jump from the rock to the roof in first try.
  20. YOU CAN FINALLY PLAY YOUR FIRST MUTATION. However, no one will play with you because they would just “waste” one of their dungeon runs. What, you ask? Ahh, well. The game does not let you play how much you want. It’s good for gaming addicts, I guess.
  21. You do some more runs and end up paying people to do a mutation with you. You made it! Now you can play the same two dungeons 100 more times on mutation 2 instead of 1.
  22. Sorry, you can’t. Even though you could do mutation 2, you have two low item level so the game won’t let you. You know, playing the game isn’t good for you.
  23. You have gathered good gear for the mutant dungeon you have been playing. You have Pushed to mutant 3!! Well done!
  24. Oh, you cant play it anymore? The game removed it? Ah, dont worry. Give it 2 months and it will come back!
  25. You try to find a group for the new mutant dungeon but everyone wants you to be fully ancient geared???
  26. You have already used all of your materials into upgrading your gear for the first mutant so you need to go back to farming again.
  27. some chest runs.
  28. Nice, you have gotten gear.
  29. It was too late. You have to get another set of gear now.
  30. Ah, PvE isn’t really your playstyle anyway. You decide to pursue PvP instead!

Thanks for your Tip’s, i really appreciate them. But i am not sure about Point 30 :slight_smile:

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I swear, it’s nice. They have even said that a PvP-update is due in June!

While FPS in wars and zerg runs can be bad if you are struggling with it arriving at a starting town its probably your own PCs fault.

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