So I walked all the way to a fort to defend it only to get teleported back to the main city

Sooo, theres an invisible queue for defending the open world forts…? Too many people and you get teleported away…so you have to trek back again hoping theres not too many people…not liking that : (


Put a camp down when you get near the action :slight_smile:

And when walking long distances i’d also advise clicking on existing camps you see as you walk along :+1:

so what? you can death port to the fort every time you get teleported? While placing a camp is generally a good idea, it doesnt solve the issue…

The timer is too short. there needs to be more of a warning buffer, and it needs to be bigger. Its a terrible mechanic, but I understand if AGS feels it needs to be there, then at least give the players a very clear warning with a reasonable time to react. Very often, if theres so many players in an area as to cause issues and require such a failsafe, it NEEDS to be sufficiently functional to operate clearly for the player under those situations. Right now it just isnt, and is extremely annoying, usually resulting in getting ported right after the warning pops up, if it pops up at all.

@Luxendra (sorry for the @ I know things are poppin right now) can you make sure the devs get this feedback, just a few tweaks would go a long way to drastically improving the player experience with this mechanic.

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The teleport system for forts is absolutely atrocious. At the very least they should give you a countdown or something to warn you so you can back out

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they do, but its 10 seconds, and many times you are already into it by the time the notification comes up. This combined with it being at the bottom of the screen in small print makes for a very poor player experience with the mechanic.