So is there a patch or not?

maybe some settings got reset?

Pretty common, especially when they release a new weekly patch.

I work nights, and get off at 6am. Too often lately I logon, Psych, patch ongong…sigh :kissing::sob::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I checked… nope, they are the same as before the patch.

Hope this doesnt happen to you guys, and that its just some stupid internet connection thingie.

I thought maybe it was ‘draw distance’ somehow messed up… but there is NO option for draw distance.

Shoot! The only upside this game had was it looked real nice. I guess that needed nerfing too lol

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Yeah but you need to get the lifebloom to the left there. That’s bothering me more…


I didn’t even see that…

Edit: What is weird is, that the trees in the VERY distance look better than the trees that are closer.

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Up your graphic setting maybe?

Shouldnt have to ‘up’ my graphics. My settings are the same as when the game first released, and I have had no problems before the patch tonight…

Australia had the patch first a few hours ago… this is the result for me.
Hopefully NOT for you.

Unluk,just like me :joy::joy:

Today i can come home early for lunch, and i could play.

But, maintenance .

In the middle of the day.


my graphics got changed to “low” on everything,. I just had to change them to how I had them before, simple.

Check the amount of bugs we get from their patches :slight_smile:
That’s why servers go down here and there.

I don’t see one regarding the downtime that started at 3am PST.

Are the trees in Australia upside-down now?

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It in here: [Notice] Update 1.1 Stability Issues - #6 by NW_Mugsy

No… but I can see your trees better than mine, and yours are upside down…
lol lol lol

Could be many reasons but there was a post on here that said there was a dupe/gold bug that basically was you could cancel a sell order just as it sells and get the gold from the sale and the item back.
It could be other reasons since the patch made my game freeze until I updated my graphics card, which I should not have to do for a simple patch and I still get lagged out often for 15 seconds every so often.

This is what you get when they hire people who have no idea how to make an MMO and use a shitty engine to do it.

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It’s so obvious this game is still a beta. Bugs, lag, glitches, heavy unbalance, a lot of stuff going on every single week… I mean, literally, every week there are bad news about the game.

I quit the game yesterday after the dreadful patch (mainly cause crafting xp changes) and I’ll give it a try in 6 months or so, when in my mind devs have enough time to actually finish the game, polishing it without tripping over the same stone again and again.

No more bugs, no more economy shutdowns, no more unbalanced stuff… I assume when the game is trully finished every single weapon, class, ingame skill system or whatever the game has to offer will be fair and balanced for everyone. That’s gonna be huge, enjoyable as it was before all this lately bad stuff we’ve seen.

This game has tons of potential but they have to hit the right key before it’s too late.

6 months?!

If the first 2 months are any indication Aeternum may very well be beneath the salty waves by that time. Nevertheless, the unfolding of this has been darkly interesting and I’ll continue watching it unfold.

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