So many legendary materials, so little use

Do we think we’ll ever see more/better recipes to use up these resources?

They should Just make Them salvageable. Some are allready Worth less then 6 Gold.

You aren’t wrong there lol.

Most of them never had value, it makes seeing that legendary drop bag feel so much more hollow.

Worst still is Genesis, stupid Blight Seeds ><

Imo the Problem is, that There is to many Legendary Items that only have one purpose, for Crafting one Item or weapon and Most of them arent even good.

So high Supply (bc you need it once, If at all) and Low demand because Nobody wants them.

Also i believe the BP needed for Fluffy Stuffing and other stuff still Isnt in the game, Not that Someone needs it, lol.

Crafting system needs work.

It really could bee so much better and wouldn’t be a lot of work.

Apparently I have a whole second bank worth of them as well >.>

Including a bunch of quest ones that I salvaged the gear for ages ago lol

After we killed archmagister vocus last night a legendary bag dropped and i got all excited but then saw it was a blessed scepter… was the biggest troll of the week so far

Those all have uses, doesn’t matter if the items they make are useless or not :slight_smile: