So No fixes to war exploits...really

I read the notes but we got wiped in 4 minutes … hatchet used were cutting down tanks and their hammer guys lagging out and guys full health then a second later 0

Thought the patch wasn’t untill this afternoon (like 4 hours from now?)

They were supposed to fix it in a few hours …

Look at the notes. patch is in 3h40min.

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Correct so they used the exploit in the war before the patch to get the territory then downgraded most of the things in town…

Read the timings in the official announcement

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Ok I guess your post was not entirely clear on first read either.

You want them to disable wars untill it’s fixed. Sure would have made sense a week ago.

But we are almost there assuming they don’t mess it up so bit of a pointless request at this stage. Does it suck you lost yes. But wait till it’s fixed and go beat em down.

yeah no point stopping wars right now they will patch it in a few hours and yes you might loose a town but plus side they wont have stupid hatchet damage to rely on to defend it from you when you come back and they are one trick ponies they probably only know how to just spam hatchet LOL

Yeah , that is why they exploited because they cannot win if they do not

??? the patch not live yet ???

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The maintenance is NOW

They fix the bug with the axt, but this will not reduce the damage from the Axt in mass PvP like war. When you jump into a group from 20 Enemys then the Axt will do the damage regards of the bug or not and the axt user is at least 5 second immun to death. So nothing will change in war only in open PvP will the damage reduced.

Not exactly. If you read the tooltip for “Against All Odds” which was the broken perk on the hatchet, it ends the bonus after 3 seconds, and while I have no info on the backend, in most cases in MMO’s spells like that have some form of cooldown before it can trigger again.

Not to mention the hatchet perk has been there all along, its not new, and yet hatchet wasn’t a problem till last patch, so maybe it was scaling waaayyy more than it was supposed to, thus giving it the appearance of the perk doing what was stated but perhaps increased substantially more than we the players can actually see.

Until we test it, who knows. Here’s hoping it just goes back to the way it was.

Both sides have the same advantage to use them, if they are just broken. I understand the ethics part, I prefer not to exploit myself, but unless its a bannable offense to use it…

troll or actually bad brain?


Here’s how I interpreted the issue: The scaling was occurring because the “surrounding mobs” aspect was never clearing. So if for example you pull a group of 3-5 mobs (not entirely uncommon) you were triggering the perk (also working as intended). However the game continued to act as though you still had those 3-5 mobs on you long after you had killed them so the NEXT time you pulled 3-5 mobs it was now acting as though you were surrounded by 6-10 mobs instead and increasing the perk. And not long after that was when you could see quite visibly how easy it now was to 2-3 shot equal level mobs whether they were in a group or just single targets.

TLDR; The perk was just never resetting itself. It probably would scale fine otherwise.

all they need to do is add a 5-10 sec out of combat timer to the weapon damage boost and its all set

I think this may be unclear to us players actually. In your example let’s take the 3 right? That’d be 30% bonus damage for 3 seconds if working properly.

Now let’s consider it breaks and doesn’t end. Does the next 3 add 30% more to your base damage, or your increased damage from the previous 30% increase. Those values would be vastly different than one another. Which I “think” may be the actual scaling issue at hand, and why they were wiping full defense, full con tanks in 3-4 light attack hits.

for the math, lets say base damage is 100. 30% increase to that would be 130. 30 more percent to that bas would be 160 However if it scaled off the increase it’d be 169 damage. If you recalculate that using our actual numbers, its easy to see how that can get out of control real fast.

It already has a 3 second timer. The timer wasn’t working and the buff was not being cleared.

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got it. well thats good to know then, as long as the timer can be fixed.