So on TOP of bow nerfs.....we still have an AMMO Tax!

This is crazy not only are we getting/got whatever nerfed we still have the lingering issue of the AMMO.

Which now is stupid expensive even Iron is down right dumb. oh wait you can craft flint arrows at a damage decrease to even more.

Why can’t we just have infinite arrows at 1.00x Keep the other arrows in the game if we want to use the best, but at least let us use the bow without having to think about ammo.


The bow is balanced with Orichalcum Arrow damage and you even pay more money for the arrows to kill an expediton boss than you get coins as reward… Its absurd :D…

Let’s remove armor repair from tanks as well. It’s expensive.

bow has that as well

I doubt bow users are getting beat on like a tank. If so that is a strange play style.

Most bow users play close range. And yes we have repair bills. Like everyone does.

You don’t have repair bills like a tank.

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