So the boys and I got completely SCREWED tonight so thanks for that AGS

So tonight Lagado crashed twice (as well as once during the day) and It erased 3 War Decs that my server had rallied to simultaneously attack a large company of known and proven exploiters.

We were due to attack them at 11pm tomorrow night in all 3 of their territories. We fought very hard for those declares as these guys defend harder than any company I have ever seen. Now after we ran pvp missions for 4 hours this morning to get the final declare the server mysteriously crashes and wipes out all 3 of this companies defences but keeps their WW attack scheduled for the same day?

I do not know if there is an exploit that allows you to crash the server and erase war declares but I know if it existed these guys would use it. It is incredibly suspicious but regardless we have been completely screwed over here and are going to have to repeat that pain staking process of running pvp missions in 3 territories all the while fending off large groups of roaming virgins. Thank you AGS very cool.

I’ll comment just to follow this.
We have loads of dupe methods, now possible server crashing (not saying this is happening, but I want to know)…
My heart is not ready for another RF Online experience.

BUMP. hope this gets seen

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