So the game launched 5 days ago

and i’m still fking stuck in an endless queue
about to really give up </3

There are plenty of other servers. The game is literally designed for smaller player caps. It is in the officially FAQ. Players can’t read.

Though Amazon should have closed off character creation after x amount of creations so ques would have never got that high and forced people to go to other servers.

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? ok?
and? i wanna play with my friends & guild.

Again that is on larger guilds not paying attention to the game they bought. This is why other large guilds I knew from Alpha avoided buying the game entirely because they saw this coming.

This is not like a traditional MMO with phases, instances and channels. These are small server caps and it wasn’t a secret, people just can’t research a game before hand.


Ok again ur point? lol
launch day all the servers were in queue, first 2 days fine, 3 days fine but it been around 5 days now and we still can’t play and no i will not move to a new server and start over after i progressed when i had the chance.

Do you miss the point of how the game is designed. It is impossible for 20k people to play on a server with 2k pop caps. There is not an issue with the que system, it is a player issue at this point.

increase the cap

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The game is not conceptually designed to just increase caps beyond a certain point. The official FAQ still states 1k caps. Be happy we got 2k. I don’t agree with this design. I said it was stupid 3 or 4 years ago on the alpha forums when caps were stated.

Something could have been done about this back then, but not enough people cared. They blew smoke up Amazons butt that this was okay. At this point there is too much work to redesign how this would work.

They may, may be able to push 3k caps, but I have serious doubts about anything bigger because the map, spawns and resources are not designed for it.

Players need to understand the design of the game they bought.

they need to explain better lol.
also 3k is okay too.
or server transfer already so i can actually play the game i paid for.NINTCHDBPICT000613324933

It’s entirely possible that if your friends wound up on a server where people just keep adamantly refusing to leave and roll on another sever that you’re in for a rough ride. Hopefully next week when they roll out transfers the population will move itself around and you’ll be able to without horrendous queues.

honestly we were searching a lot which server to go too, we wanted to avoid the “big streamers” servers and we still ended up in one with trash queue time.
and after we wanted to switch it was late because half already progressed and half stuck in queue.
like the whole “move to new server” is annoying ASF because i shouldn’t.
they need to add the transfer already and allow people to fking play.
worst MMOs were able to do something during the launch but amazon are taking their fking time.

Yes, transfers need to hurry and people gotta pay close attention so they don’t end up in the same situation. Best to transfer to low pop servers when the time comes and build a community there. Will be less zerg guilds and streamers to be honest.

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