So the new mutation is not for this week?

whats the point of adding a new mutation if we cant even enjoy it right after patch?
my server swiched to genese/dynasty …


Same on our server. Pretty sure the devs just want the game to die. Hype up a patch, new mutation, don’t release mutation. Classic…


yup and mutation swap from temp/laz to gen dynasty Nice Dev !!

the only reason they pushed the patch today was to get 3v3 out before the next twitch event so people could feel like they are playing along with their twitch hero.

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I think it’s time for all mutated DG to be available all the time, there’s no point in rotating.

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Agree, rotate mutation types and just have them all available


yes, with 5 mutation if only 2 up per week, the random roll can make that sometime 1 muta will up 1 month later maybe more if not lucky

Just shows you how out of touch The AGS and dev’s are?
Come on really.

Bizarre. I’ve been looking forward to playing mutated depths tonight. Oh well…

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Very disappointing, not only did they change the mutations back to last weeks mutations so we only had 2-3 days of this weeks supposed mutations and then one of the big things to be released is not even active. Will we even get a fix for this or do we need do wait another week?

@Aenwyn can we expect a restart or a hotfix soon in order to make the new mutation up? or we will have to wait next week or more if we are unlucky?

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@Luxendra is there any plan to change this (is it unintended), or will we have to wait for it to cycle around? Very big bummer for a ton of people if we really have to wait to play the new mutation.

I’m asking but mutations are set on a random schedule. I’m relaying this feedback to the team.

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Why would it be a good idea to let randomness decide if the hype your teams work to build up and deliver on actually pays off?


Random is fine, but don’t gate the brand new exciting content behind it. Why not have it just start the random rotation from Depths on?

So little actual information for such a huge conclusion.

Just spreading more misinformation.

But why not?

Then it wouldn’t be random. Duh.

Just put all mutation up all the time and just rotate the mutation affliction…


More misinformation. No bummer at all actually.