So the new mutation is not for this week?

How so?

Hey all, thanks for your feedback! We know you were excited to play the Mutated version of The Depths, which was added to the Mutators rotation in this last update. Rotations of Mutators happen on Tuesday. I have checked with the team and they have informed me that The Depths is currently slated to be the next Mutator in the rotation, so not too much longer before it is available!

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What a completely reasonable situation. Nothing to complain about at all.

So, why did mutations rotate today then? If it can be triggered out of cycle, it should AT LEAST be set back to what it was pre-patch cause some of us are stuck with last weeks mutations now.

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Because a patch went out today? Maybe? Possibly? I dunno but i can imagine.

Wasn’t Tempest mutated both released and active at the same time? So they did switch mutations but not to the new one, but the new one will come but not till Tuesday… and we got Laz cut short, I liked Laz more then fire mutated Gen. I’m sad.

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If it rotates on tuesday then why did it rotate again with the patch?

Its getting VERY frustrating regemming setting up gear only having patch indiscriminatley rotating the schedule. Please fix this abhorrent bug or feature or whatever you want to call it.

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there a restart server soon, use this occasion to rotate to the new mutation

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Or back to what we dropped gold to run all week. Mutations should change on a predictable weekly schedule. When you reset ser ers or patch is not predictable.


A bizarre decision not to force rotate it to the new mutation that came out with this specific hyped up patch. It’s one of the main features to be released. You might not be bothered but it’s disappointing for tons of players.


Should really sneak in a swap to Mutated depths with the upcoming downtime… <3


It is called " They only care about pvp players and not the PVE"
Just shows you how disorganized AGS is.


restart servers until new mutation is up, is really that hard?? its new content y only making more and more players to quit or play less

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So you drop a patch just prior to a holiday weekend where you have a chance to bring players back and don’t drop the content referenced in the patch. I have to agree with the above posters, the lack of thought and incompetence by AGS is astounding.


The game is dying and doesnt have any players right?

So tons of players cant be pissed off right?

I get it, you’re upset people keep bashing your favourite game. I’m not one of the people going around saying the game is dead. It’s far from it, I think it’s great and I hope it gets better as time goes on.

You’re not worth engaging in a conversation with, you clearly have a chip on your shoulder and can’t accept any valid criticism towards the game.

I’d be saying the same thing if they hyped up a new weapon update, dropped the patch on a Friday and then said oh by the way you can’t actually use the weapon until Tuesday.

Ok Keith.

My goodness you’re a sad, salty individual aren’t you? Adding to forum ignored list.

Thank you Keith.

No, the tempest dungeon had it’s mutation version left out for a while until they fixed the neishatun cheesing.

On that note, if you can exclude mutations from rotation…

Why not just exclude every other mutation except gen/depths for this week? That would have forced depths