So the ring everyone farmed for hours/days is trash now

Lol the fact that they drastically change the perks on items sometimes leaves a very bad taste in my mouth…


I would mention another ring… but I’m scared they will nerf it too… so …

It is very strange that they are changing already designed, tested, released, and live gear… very bad form.

I thought these rings and such were an awesome idea, to make items that could not be crafted due to perk combos… I thought it was thoughtful game design… now I find out it was just stupidity that slipped through… everything… design, testing… makes them look even stupider. Yes stupider!

I was super excited for that new great axe from start stone mashup dungeon with thwarting and enchanted… thought it signaled more of thoughtful design and nice bis drops… then they nerfed it… glad it at least never went live. Would have been nice to have at least one drop for great axe that was bis… always was jealous of other classes who got drops like will of ancients. That is why great axe shards are so damn expensive… there is no drop so every ga user is rollin and rollin.



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I’ve spent a good amount of time farming quite a few things in BS. Those things kept me playing way longer than I would have had they had not existed. Nearly everyone one of those items is being completely changed into something worthless. They’ve done this crap in the past and I had hoped they learned their dang lessons. Guess not. I’m super annoyed and not feeling super motivated to play much…if at all over the last week.

Additionally, can someone explain to me this tidbit of annoyance? When they wreck an item, all items get wrecked (future and existing), but when they make an existing item better (way better on numerous occasions), the older versions (existing) do not get “upgraded”…you have to go farm the new one AGAIN. It’s something that feels purposely dishonest.


I can’t think of a good reason to change this ring. Wonder what their thought process behind the change is?

Keep you crafting with golden scarab of course.

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It might’ve been thoughtful game design if a ring like that for every attribute would exist.

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I think I saw something posted that they did but intend for damage perks and crit chance to go together on rings? So they will be changing all rings with this combination?

What happens with the surgeon’s ring that has been in forever now? The issue is that this does shine some light on some severe gaps in their development team. They went back on blackguard weapons, Tiger’s Instinct, and numerous other ones since release and these mistakes are not needing less frequent, hell you might argue they are becoming more frequent.

I can imagine this is immensely frustrating to players that spend hours if not days farming these items or spending 9k shards upgrading them.

Hey stuff happens and I’m all for that and players don’t need a make good on every single thing, but this is a pretty big deal given how much it keeps happening. It also makes it so players are fearful of what is and isn’t allowed and devs really have not given us much info on this. For instance is Infamy safe? It technically has illegal perks on it.

AGS really needs to at the very least come out and say what is and isn’t intended. Ideally there wouldn’t be these many mistakes but players don’t even know if they should be investing the gathering these items and spending resources to upgrade them. That should be made known. At least.


Can golden scarabs force two illegal perks? Just wondering. Don’t craft much with them, but wasn’t sure if that bypassed perk buckets or not.

More wasted time, sweat and tears for the RNG gambling gods.

Reduced poison :joy:

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Another “baffling” decision from AGS.

Hey AGS, here’s an idea, if one segment of the player base is complaining because they don’t have the same stuff as others, why not give them a similar item, instead of taking all the items from others?

It’s like some dude complains about why he has a short d!ck, & their solution cut off all other longer d!ck so everyone will be equal.

What’s next, PvP complains PvE has too much content, so you’re going to trash some Expeditions now to prove you’re not favoring some segment.

If you want out of the hole, use a ladder don’t just dig deeper.


Look, no game ever offers the same stuff to every class… for instance there has never been a bis great axe drop… yet there has been a bis life staff… fair? No. But that’s just the way it is…

What is not acceptable is significantly changing items already in the game.

And I don’t use that ring… but I hate to see people lose what they spent time gathering and viewed as bis.


Which is fine, when the perk combination is obtainable via crafting or drops. With this ring in particular though, it is literally impossible to get the same ring with Fire Damage instead of Slash Damage f.e.

Either take a stance and provide a wide variety of items with “illegal” perk combinations for all attributes or change them all together.

i didnt farm the ring because im already capped empower, so +% dmg stat is useless to me.

I know that you guys didnt realize the underwhelming potential of the item you farmed, because youre thinking the +% slash damage was a literal % damage boost, but alas its just empower. Which has a 50% cap. Light armor +20% damage is also considered empower.


It’s not fine though. This is why great axe shards, refreshing move charms, and ironwood sap are so expensive. This is why companies rolling 100 ga a week trying to get useful gear when life staffs have 2 bis drops to pick from.

This ring is way less of an issue than that situation.

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Two completely different topics. Yes, they could distribute BiS items from drops more evenly. But items with perkrolls that can not be crafted whatsoever either need to be available for everybody or nobody (unless you want to specifically highlight your obvious favoritism towards certain classes).

To piss off more PVPers.

I think it makes world pve better to have unique items that cannot be crafted. Rather than remove these I would like to see more of them…

Let’s be honest here… that is not a pvp ring… it does not have invig punishment… it is pve only

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