So there's a macro for fast light attacks


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Marcos should be a bannable offense

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They are (or at least a warning initially) but as with alot of things in the game people are thinking they can get away with it, considering how much AGS has already to deal with.


Just because something can done in game and AGS hasn’t addressed or fixed doesn’t mean its legal or appropriate. Its just one of a godly amount of bugs/issues that are still being worked on.

AGS doesn’t care to even state clearly whether it is bannable or not.
And this isn’t the first time they don’t bother with clear communication on exploits. There was machine gun magic staff macros weeks back and they just quietly “fixed the issue” in a patch – so clearly it was not intended and people using it were exploiting – yet AGS didn’t bother to ban anyone.

Unclear stances on exploits is just one reason why PvP will always be complete rubbish in this game and should really just be deleted because the PvP player base is full of exploiters and cheaters.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

This isn’t a hack. If you don’t know about keyboard and mouse macros, look it up.

you are right its not a hack but it is using a 3rd party app to affect in game play…

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They just patched that no??? Weird example.

How do you feel about Polos

??? what are those

This whole thread kills me. Numerous official posts have been made about macros. Using any macro that gives you an advantage compared to other players is not supposed to be used.


It was. Just had to time it properly to not cancel the actual hit.

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No, when I posted the VG slide bug they didnt eve respond. I posted it in general chat so everyone would know how to do it, and then they responded calling it a silly little bug.

I used it as an example,. because they seem very aloof about exploits

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Cool, I didnt see it. Then they should be banning people using them. Too bad they arent

It is frustrating. I still have bugs preventing me from getting a T5 camp (from before the FIRST patch) have my faction bugged where I can’t buy high level chisels, it sucks. Alot of things… gold sellers/botters/etc should be banned. Personally, I’d be fine with 1-2 warnings before giving a ban for this issue.

I know that people don’t like to lose, but for everyone who wants to win in pvp, someone has to lose. So yes, people can macro to get ahead and then trash talk the loser or whatever floats their boat. AGS is struggling to fix their stuff, so us regular/sane people try not to abuse things to make gameplay harder for everyone else.

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I should get banned for creating a macro to pick up water every 3 seconds? Cool story!