So, this is the end game?

According to New World Developer NW_Berserker_Mike:

Our vision for end game is multifaceted, and includes Outpost Rush and Wars, Invasions and Arenas, 60+ Corrupted breaches, 60+ Elite POIs and named creatures, and Expeditions, with more to come in the future.

I’ve done plenty of Outpost Rush matches. I still have no idea what Wars or Invasions are or how they work. I’ve tried asking here before but get the typical sarcastic answer of do a google search. I’ve tried. So, I’ve never done a single one of these.

What’s an arena? I’ve never seen one. 60+ Corrupted breaches: never done a single one nor seen any being done. 60+ Elite POIs and named creatures: nope. Expeditions: I stopped at Dynasty (without ever have gone in or trying it).

I wish there was a more user friendly resource to learn about these things. Maybe more people would be involved, like myself.

I can answer a bit but also why you arent seeing them done.

  • Arenas are 5 man instanced timed boss battles. After the free orb you get from quests you would have to craft a tuning orb to do these. The cost to craft the orb vs the potential reward means virtually no one does these.

  • Elite POI are non instanced overwold areas with bosses. You may see Myrkguard or Farcastle mention in global chat. These are two of the end game ones but there are many more. People would run these in huge groups for efficiency but AGS nerfed the loot and made them harder so they are less popular.

  • Expeditions you seem to know about but sames as arenas, too expensive to run due to orbs so the endgame ones are rarely run.

  • Invasions are scheduled wave defence events. You will see these advertised on the map in game. Sign up at the warboard in the relevant town to hopefully get a spot

  • Wars are really only for people in active pvp companies. Average players wont get to join but its about territory control on the map.

The issue as you can see above is AGS put all their best content behind weird grindy systems that noone wants so the game isnt played as they intended. Hopefully they are addressing this.


Sorry i missed corrupted breaches. They are the red icons on the map. The only ones people do are in Myrkguard as they give an elite chest. The ones in the overwold are not worth the effort so are rarely done.


i see, the end game just for pvp player xD (with 30% luck)

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the arenas are not free period you get no free ones. you have to craft them yourself such as sirens…

It is 10% and mostly ppl are going there without pvp mode I saw only big guilds going with pvp status. To be honest I compered opening chest with pvp on and off and I dont see a big difference. Also I dropped legendary artifact without pvp status, did 10+ rushes with pvp and nothing loot. Only advantage was great pvp small scale content with my company.

Why did i get one while accepting the Side-Quest “The Queen is Dead” then?
Got one for the other 2 arenas aswell. But dont remember the quest name

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The ones in Ebonscale Reach are good. I think they are level 65, we do those ones a lot.

That’s not true, I got an orb for each one from doing associated quests.

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