So this patch didnt go over so well

early release of leader boards now ruining opr, the only thing a lot of us play the game for anymore.
The chest’s did bumm a bunch of pve’rs out that were solo running your forcing them into the zergs.

So curious, since you released these and we have had large instant drop off of player base, would you consider removing them as its hurting the game not helping and making the modes

So is there a chance, we can get these leader boards, we didn’t want and our now hurting our game removed?

p.s also love the opr ban, your game crashes mid opr and the only reason i play is gone for a hour.


The dev’s of new world are notorious for not listening to their community, I have never seen one single person want, or ask for leaderboards, and yet they insisted on dumping tons of resources and time into them. just for them to be a sh** show


I enjoy Outpost Rush in the evenings but tonight was awful. It is full of several ranged bows… there are no tactics and for the first time ever it made me not want to participate in it until something is done with overall weapon balance.

AGS missed a trick with weapon balance / leaderboard patch. Shame.

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One single person.

And three more…

I mean by this logic shouldn’t healers be completely removed from the game then? Cause there are a hell of a lot more remove healers from the game posts then leaderboard posts that generate way more interaction

Early release of leaderboards? They were 2 months late and mutator leaderboard still didn’t work, arguably the most legit one

Did you mean to reply this to me, we both know this is a small vocal minority, compared to mass player base that wanted it or was this point meant for someone else?

Sorry no. Using my phone.

aww thought so :stuck_out_tongue:

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